What's the difference between Dreamcast Mag and Dreamcast Mag (NA)?

Im at the black badge shop and i see two of the same mag.

if is the model of the Dreamcast that was sold in US then it will be exactly the same but I can't say if is or not because I don't have a black badge to check

wasn't the JP dreamcast logo blue and the NA one orange?

@Captain-Char no both Japan and North American versions have the orange logo is the European version that is blue

oops my bad

I've been looking around waiting to see if anyone has an answer for this. It seems everyone just has the same question though.

The original evolution device used in JP, closed beta and the second Clear Story Quests campaign is Dreamcast without the (NA). It has the orange swirl and is not tradable.

The Dreamcast (NA) device seems to be a new creation for the ARKS Black badge exchange. I haven't heard from anyone to say what it looks like. It is tradable.

There is also a room furnishing Dreamcast (NA) which is tradable. I own one of those, and when placed it looks exactly the same as my Dreamcast non-(NA) mag.

I'm wondering if there was a pair of mistranslations and the Dreamcast (NA) device has a blue swirl. If so it should be called Dreamcast (PAL) or Dreamcast (Global) and the original device and mag should be renamed Dreamcast (NA) to match the furnishing.

Failing that, it's possible the two share the same appearance and that the only difference is Dreamcast (NA) is tradable. But if that's the case, why put the non-(NA) one in the ARKS Black badge exchange at all? 🤔 It wouldn't make sense.

I would like to know the difference as well. I think these two dreamcasts look exactly the same, since i didnt see any player with a blue swirl dreamcast.

Also i think the two variants look the same because one seems to be the original dreamcast from the jp version with orange swirl, and the other one is the NA version with also an orange swirl...

It still doesnt make sense to offer two versions with identical appearance, even one is tradable and the other is not. Who would go for the untradable then?

I do know there are many items that have generic copy and paste descriptions, like the room items for crafting for a prime example, even though these items give cooldown effect, do these two dreamcasts exist in the JP version of the game? that would be your best reference point

@Captain-Char said in What's the difference between Dreamcast Mag and Dreamcast Mag (NA)?:

do these two dreamcasts exist in the JP version of the game?

I believe not.