@Michelle It looks that way. Play the story is the advice I'd give, it will give you a first hand experience with it.


I'm ok with the removal of the bath scene if they removed all of episode 4 with it.

Hehe yes.

Episode 1+2 was ok,3 was good but EP.4 now?

I watched 3 Chapters with Hitsurgi&Friends and fell asleep.

I thought this was going to be about something else...

People fail to understand the importance of Episode 4 later on in the story all I can say is wait till 5 and 6 then you will see why Hitsugi is so important besides being a "Tsundere Cringe Story" to people cause you are fully mistaken to wanting to remove Episode 4. As for the bath scene and height restriction as much as I want it removed too I will play anyway so in a way it doesn't bother me just hope they don't censor any important contents later on.

@YagyuChan Thankfully Ep4 is the only one with risqué story content, there's really nothing worth censoring in Ep5 and 6.

@Ezodagrom Yeah I think it is because SEGA wanted to try something different back then cause lets face it numbers were starting to go down from the long gap between Episode 3 and Episode 4 at the time so SEGA shook things up and it didn't work out so they changed back with some of the new stuff they learned.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

There are a total of three scenes removed for around 23-24 minutes of content. None of them are incredibly risque. Games like Senran Kagura go way further with characters who are legally minors; there is even a loli character in Senran Kagura.

Watching these cutscenes does not make someone a pedophile in anyway; they aren't pedophiliac content in anyway. The later two cutscenes have significant character development and details on character information such as Och and Enga having feelings for each other (they are 18 and 17 respectively, potentially 19 and 18 by the time of the cutscene, so no need to worry about an age difference).

@samsaralotus I could care less about height, I'm fine with height restriction. Something that bug me is how the devs did not even bother tell us what they removed or changed from the JP, just like the bath scenes as if they don't even care about some people here that come here to feel the full experience in JP. This also about the flavor text of the items in game. "This weapon identified as assault rifle." What the hell is this? This is MMORPG not some battle royal game. Just because JP server is a success doesn't mean this server will.

I would have stay unsatisfied with the somewhat hanging story if the scene were not mention here, especially with Och and Enga relationship. Some of people here play for the story. Good things there are video of the scenes in Youtube, at least that reduced my stress over this.

Only God know just how many contents will be cut in the future after the bullshit they promised us. Plus, it also cut my together time with Xiera.

Also, why even reference the first removed cutscene if it is not in the game?

alt text

"It's probably footage taken from that one time, in the bath..."

I am honestly surprised they kept this cutscene since it makes no sense without the first removed cutscene and revealed that they removed content.

@Michelle said in ALL THE CONTENT:

@Thedovahmon said in ALL THE CONTENT:

@Akonyl said in ALL THE CONTENT:

I didn't care too much about the bath scene being removed, but I will say that the scene being removed in Global makes the side-cutscene in the new ep4 content where Casra wonders about why it's missing very funny in a meta sense now.

Honestly the thought of Xiera trying to hide the bath scene not just from Casra but from we the players as well is incredibly amusing.

I don't know, this doesn't happen if you set the original dub. Do you mean that in English dub they changed the dialogue to fix the inconsistency?

In an optional scene in the newly released content, there's a scene where Casra asks Xiera about a report that has a redacted video in it. Xiera's confused for a bit and then thinks "wait was that the video of the time in the bath?" because she'd scrubbed the video. I assumed this was just a coincidence with the original casra scene matching the NA removal of the scene, but if you mean this is a scene that was specifically changed in NA to reference the NA removal, then that's pretty funny in a different way.

@Akonyl If they have indeed changed that scene specifically for the Global (it is no longer NA), then SEGA has no intention of removing the censorship and the cuts. And they will continue to censor and alter the game as they please without considering the customers. Absolutely a great thing to do after they've promised all the content.

This is not PSO2. This is another game, very similar to PSO2.

@Akonyl Huh, my version of that scene was a bit different. In mine Xiera passes a message to us saying, "It's probably footage taken from that one time, in the bath..."

In my previous post, I have a picture of that scene with the subtitle saying exactly that, heavily implying that our character was there for the removed cutscene.