RIP Blocks 51+

Makes sense, I don't expect a boost in playerbase anytime soon. I'm sure the bots are thrilled for less travel time.

They been lowering it for a while now slowly. I remember on the Microsoft store release Ship 2 had 150 blocks at one point.

They had done a mistake adding so many blocks in order to handle the big player influx. It makes sense to remove a lot of them now.

Yeah, probably a good thing. Unlike the other recent change.

Guess Block 34 will be the new hangout for cultured folks. This is a shame though.

Reminds me of the time when PSU had like 17 universes(blocks), and towards the end of its life, universe 1 barely had 2 stars.

Makes me wonder what the population is like on ship 4 and if it is worth running or not.

Ship 2 is crowded during regular periods now.

If it stays at crowded over the weekend then it means it's perfectly optimized. Hopefully they continue to scale up as needed if it does fill though.

Guess Ships 5 and 6 won't be out of the dock for a while. :3

I'm actually a little disappointed that Steam didn't bring in a big population. Is PSO2 just not the style to be liked by the average gamer? Or maybe they just don't advertise it enough?

I hope they don't just give up and terminate Global service after 2 years.

@Gamers-are-so-oppressed Ship 4 isn't anywhere near populated. At best you see 01 and 02 full, and 03 around 70-80% full? And the rest would be like 5%-10%. We basically have to go to 01 or 02 to for Urgent Quests.

I'd say the game will be fine up till NG on the sped up rate of content at least. I imagine a lot of others will revisit or newcomers give the game a shot when NG rolls around, but I can't see ship 5-6 being touched on until then and that's assuming there's a huge surge in players. Either way it should retain a stable playerbase enough to be worth running the game for.

The block condensing means less rappy slots for me to go through but hey, as long as it looks busier no harm there.

@kztm People dislike a lot about it. The ui, gameguard, the grind, the graphics, ngs killing the hype, etc.

The people that are mostly playing now are either hardcore fans or people who like being social in mmo.

Were they even needed? Thanks to the awful Microsoft store a lot players got pissed and moved away from the game.

Wasn't for steam release this game would be far less populated.

All these people speaking for the community!