Ep4 Substory Duel

@Matt Im 100% impressed; because my Phalag does NOT attack that slowly or inaccurately in my game. (Still good job tho <3)

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I'm in the "this is stupid because it's the episode 6 version" of the quest club.

Also, a Ranger main. Even abusing the jumping dodge ring and slideburst combo, I don't think it's actually possible to win this battle in spite of doing constant damage for 7 minutes straight.

Ranger main who's beaten Phaleg here. It's a tough battle for sure but it is beatable. Some tips for my fellow Rangers having trouble:

  • My combo for the entire fight was Impact Slider into Diffusion Round. Start off the fight by dodging backwards, loading Weak Bullet, and using Impact Slider once. You want to wait for her to either do her ground pound or her triple dash attack, as this is when you have the largest window to attack. For the ground pound, start Impact Slider at the apex of her jump so that you can dodge the shockwave and be near her when she lands. If you time it right, you should have enough time to get two Diffusion Rounds off before she starts attacking again. You could also get some Dive Roll Shots off instead if you need the PP. Make sure to roll out of the kick at the end of every Impact Slider.

  • As you've already heard, she has voice lines for almost every attack she has. Get familiar with all of them. The only attack that doesn't have a voice line is her dash, which is indicated by her bowing then quickly looking towards you then dashing. You want to dodge left or right as soon as she lifts up her head. The subsequent dashes can be dodged by just spamming dodge. If she starts her combo with a dash, she'll dash twice, then use a regular attack, then depending on the attack dash again or end her combo there. I think the only combo enders are her blade dash (where she Naruto runs at you) and her kick dash (where she twirls around before dashing). The blade dash is easy enough to dodge, the kick dash moves fairly slowly and is obviously telegraphed. If you wait until she's almost about to reach you then dodge backwards, her kick will whiff and she'll do the ground pound. If you aren't confident about dodging, being far enough away from her when she starts the dash will also cause the kick to miss.

  • Her stun blast is indicated by two audible beeps and a bubble forming around her. If you Impact Slider right after you hear the second beep, you should dodge the blast. She will likely chain another attack into this so be ready to dodge.

  • Her kick attack where she sends out two shockwaves is easily dodged by dodging left or right. Use this attack as an opportunity to reapply Weak Bullet or recover PP with Dive Roll Shot.

  • Phase 2 is pretty much the same as Phase 1, with a few differences. She now uses her stun attack twice in a row. Dodge it like you would in Phase 1, just twice in a row. Her new attack is 3 consecutive flame blasts that comes with a new voice line. Dodge this using Slideburst 0 and try to stay as close to her as possible as this attack leaves her vulnerable for a good bit. You should be able to get 3 or 4 Diffusion Rounds off before she starts attacking again. Other than this stuff and the fireballs that land around the arena periodically, this phase is pretty much the same as Phase 1. If you can get to Phase 2 consistently, you're basically 90% of the way there.

  • Leave it if you feel like you need to be better geared for it. It'll be there when you're ready and the headache isn't really worth the SG and title.

I didn't get an S-rank, and I frankly don't know if its possible for Rangers to get one right now, but I beat her and that's all I really cared about.

@Ezodagrom I heard there's another cutscene if you time out the battle. Different from the loss one.

@Errant-Italics - You're much braver than I am to even consider using Diffusion Rounds. I upped my time greatly (and finished with a B) by using a ZX drink and some food prior to the battle. I feel like if I want a faster time, I'm going to have to finish the first phase with a Launcher somehow in a comparable time. S-Rank might be possible that way.

@AiC-L and @Ezodagrom - I experienced it myself, it's very slightly different. You essentially get... It's nothing personnel kid'd. It's actually more irritating than losing.

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@Matt Im 100% impressed; because my Phalag does NOT attack that slowly or inaccurately in my game. (Still good job tho <3)

She attacks the same speed, but when you watch a video it always seems slower. When I was actually playing, it didn't feel as chill as it looks.

@TyboltTiger I've got a friend who beat me to it with RaHu. did you change weapons? His strategy was to use a launcher first, then switch to a rifle and use slide burst 0 to dodge everything.

To the people asking about ranger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocqcUqyGRiw

There's a faster time but it has an iron will proc literally in the last second of the fight.

@Theuberclips Yeah, I don't have the patience to re-learn my dodge timing for exploiting Cosmos Breaker into the floor like that but it's neat to watch. Any idea what the minimum time for S-Rank actually is?

It's 3 minutes. I got 3:02 once and it was 2 points off.