Ep4 Substory Duel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYMnyUty8E4 someone in the fleet posted a video on HU/FI. Might just take a look lol.

Yah I'm just gonna ignore this one. Not worth the effort or frustration, that ain't what PSO is about.

@Hatsodoom I'll play the stuff once in awhile. I don't have my old reflexes nor the time of life to sit and dedicate (work, family, and whatever crap life tosses my way because it doesn't like me), but I suppose if I keep trying I'll either get lucky or we will be so OP later that this content will become trivial. One or the other.

Now you know what pso2 feels. They released ep6 balance on phaleg and we're on ep5 gear. Its doable by people but its one of those "only the top of the top with specific classes" people can do it. As a techer, only being able to use a wand currently since ph isn't here neither are the niche "viable" talises, I won't be able to do it.

Managed to beat it as a Fi/Hu using a double saber, only with a A rank though. I'll revisit this for a S rank when better gear is available (I know better gear isn't required to S rank it, but I'ma baddie).

i gave it my best shot as a Gu/Hu bu tthat shit aint happening with the current gear ceiling.

I just know it's my own current low skill. Yes, being lazy doesn't help me, but I'm on a death circle where my lack of reflexes makes me lazy, and being lazy degrades my skills..... oh well, you will all understand when you get to an older age, or maybe you will learn to avoid my problems, and I'll be proud of you for that. 🙂

see here's the thing to "get gud" you need practice and the 4 seconds it takes for her to annihilate us by just looking in our general direction doesn't really give the chance for said pratice

My problem is not being able to do enough damage in phase 2 with having to constantly dodge and heal a pet (Jinga still works nicely); I can push her to phase 2 at about 4-5 minutes left mark; but then Phase 2 is basically never ending attacking with absurdly high damage (one hit from her and im dead).

I dont mind dark souls mechanics as I love those games too; but this isnt really dark souls =[

Yah I hate to bust that gem out but this is more like a Dark Souls boss. But yes, this isn't Dark Souls, and even then Dark Souls has the courtesy to allow you to heal if you can find an opening and doesn't strap you to a time limit.

It's the first actual difficult fight in this game, and it's good because it's optional. It makes even sense story-wise that she's supposed to beat your ass.

10/10 can't wait to get stepped on by Phaleg again

@HarmlessSyan said in Ep4 Substory Duel:

This was why it was good to include Phaleg in the extreme quest required for expert matching - I'm not a summoner but the summoner videos I see vs Phaleg typically involves multiple Maron bombing and beating her before she beats you down. I heard Maron bomb got nerfed though, so don't know how well it can still work.

This is part of the expert matchmaking extreme? Whew, well I guess that aint a queue I'll be part of anytime soon.

It's a fun fight but she still stomps me as br/hu since I can't quite get the counter timings down yet. Wish she didn't quite do so much damage so I could at least get more practice in before having to reload.

I don't think the healing reduction is in place for the extreme quest version.

Anyway here's a very sloppy win. HU/FI Sword / Wired Lance


So I tried it after beating the story on hardcore, and wow, yeah, she could have decimated the stories end boss no problem. She moves ridiculously fast, and has a speed I wish I could match. Would make the fight entertaining. Otherwise, yeah, I'll have to come back to that one.

@Akonyl well it's in the current JP expert matching requirement, there's earlier requirements that does not include this extreme quest. Don't know what global will do with it. But yes, you have to learn the dodge timings. Here's a pretty funny video of katana braver that took 0 damage - pre-buff Phaleg but I think it was only a buff to her HP and attack power, not movements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2U8egW3FmI

@PrinceBrightstar Yea, the healing reduction is not there in extreme quest version, but you are not allowed to heal on her stage if you want to complete the stage order/mission. Every stage order/mission you fail, the later stages becomes harder as bosses gains more resistance. Can kind of cheese it using life leeching weapons and mags/skill rings/timed abilities on units as they don't trigger the can't heal requirement. Failing this on a force sucks as next boss becomes rod and talis resistant.