Update size

So, i got an update this day and when i tried updating it, it's taking WAYYY too long. It feels like im already downloading a whole friggin game again. So what is the file size of the download this time?

Took less than 5 seconds to download the patch using PSO2 Tweaker. The launcher isn't redownloading the game, its doing its obscenely long file check.

@Laep why da**** do they need a long friggin file check... And. Btw can i add another question... Can i ran both version of pso2(win and steam) in one pc.. if so, can i alternate between them in Pso2 tweaker?

@RaiamuBararyuu The og launcher is ancient. You can swap between the win and steam version super easily, click of a button, on tweaker even using a single install.

@Laep the one top? That let's me chose between ws and steam? Won't it repeat the download process?

@Laep I'm kinda hesitant coz this tweaker did something bullshit earlier. After download, it ran another file check,then crashed, then started the download from scratch again.

@RaiamuBararyuu Tweaker does an initial file check when you use it, to build up a list of files you currently have. Afterwards it never needs to do it again. You don't have to use it, but it's a tool made by players and improved upon by players over many years since JP launch. If you already have the steam or ms store version installed, you don't need to redownload anything, tweaker works fine and attaches to it.

If you have issues I also recommend going to the pso2 community discord ( https://discord.com/invite/pso2 ) as they're all very helpful in there.