Thoughts on the Founders Bundle

How does the Ragol Memory work?

Based on what I read form this topic and google. Sounds like you can turn 5 in for a costume?

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The pack seems like a good deal, but with no news on when PC is getting released that kind of kills any interest in getting any kind of founder pack with 0 news on when PC will get it. Why buy a pack when the version I would play is an undetermined amount of time away, yea it could be a couple weeks, but it could be months as well (unlikely to be months if they are smart, but have seen founder packs burn people before so looking at it as if they haven't given any mention for a PC version), they haven't given any kind of hint at how long it will just be Xbox only.

Don't worry when it comes to PC there will be the same founder's bundle I'm sure

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How does the Ragol Memory work?

You can turn them in for certain in game items such as OG costumes, mag cells, accessories and room decorations.

If you Google PSO2 ragol memories a few screenshots and charts come up talking about what you can get.

I do want to note is that it'll get you a costume, but there's usually a head piece that costs an additional 2 ragol memories beyond the 5 needed for the costume based on the JP version.

On top of that, Section ID stickers/emblems cost 1 memory, and any additional stuff like face paint also costs 1 I think!

My avatar sort of has some examples visually of FOnewearl's Ragol Memory items!

The Founders Bundle is interesting to me less for the AC items and more for the Sonic Collab items- I don't believe there ever were collab items like this in the JP version which tells me potentially future collabs could include items that were never in the JP version like the ones in this collab, and that's pretty fascinating!! That being said... I hope they make a chao mag device some day 😊

And speaking of mag devices, I'm really surprised the pack doesn't include the Sonic Mag device! alt text

Well I hope they introduce ways to get more Ragol Memory, because 5 x Ragol Memory isnt going to get you much from the shop considering that there are over 100 items in the shop ranging from 1 - 5 Memories Each. Not that it bothers me that much as I never played the Original PSO, but I am sure other people might want to get more of the items.

Hey guys! Just to let you know. The Mission Pass Gold Ticket is not the same as the golden bonus keys in PSO2 JP. These tickets will be explained in a separate article that will be coming soon. ヾ(•ω•`) For new players, Ragol Memories will be explained as well later on.

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GM will the founder packs still be available for pc players during PSO2 pc open beta?

@GM-Deynger @GM-Rappie so is it only for Xbox ?

Everyone knows i am not precisely Sega/Microsoft´s biggest fan when it comes to the PSO2 Western launch so far.

But if i have to be fair, this pack is actually decent value. if you plan to play this game long term.

It is not a brutally good "I must have beyond any reason" pack but it is certainly not a scam and most of the items in it are items that a serious long term player of pso2 will end up buying individually overtime regardless.

I am saying this as someone who spent quite a bit of $ in JP.

Now, some of the items of the pack are nothing but fluff so i will not comment on them, but the meat&potatoes of this pack is as follows:

-Ragol Memory (x5) (20$ Value Although this is subjective on you wanting these costumes/items)

These can be exchanged for PSO costumes and accessories. This includes all of Heathcliff Flowen and Red Ring Rico´s accessories, costumes and hairstyles, a must for any veteran.

These are very hard to come by, so if you are a pso ep1&2 nostalgic you will NOT regret the purchase.

-Inventory Expansion (10) (x5) (17$ Value)

These are absolutely indispensable. Endgame will throw so much loot and currencies at you that if you do not have these, you will have to inventory juggle constantly.

I cannot express enough how much you need these in your pso2 life.

-Premium Set (30 Days) Pack (x1) ($13 Value) Gives access to very juicy buffs and housing/trading/owning a shop for free. What is more, it will give you access to a whole new bank storage unit.

It will also allow you to storage a buffer of 5 daily quest % bonus, thus allowing you to take it easy with your dailies.

-Character Storage Expansion (50) (x5) (17$ Value) This will allow you to store a lot more items in your bank, while it is not inmediatly noticeable, after you have played for a year or two you will be starved for space to save all your items, consumables, costumes, room decors and what not.

AC Scratch Ticket (x12) (21$ Value) These will allow you 12 attempts at getting the costumes and accessories of your dreams from the Gachas. Later on when the economy is settled, you can sell some items for very impressive prices.

Great Enhancement Aid +50% (x99) (Hard to value)

I cannot quite tell if this is the 50% Great Success for grinding or the 50% Ability Affix Boost.

If it´s the Grinding item, these are great to have around and will save you quite a bit of meseta. If it´s the ability affix item these would be worth the 60$ price on their own.

All the other items are mostly fluff and their value will also heavily depend on event distribution. In Japan, most of the exp/drop boosters, salon tickets etc were very generously given in huge quantities.

If we get the same treatement in the US, then those are borderline "Worthless" in the sense that you will probably collect more than you know what to do with by the end of the year.

But considering even just the items i listed are already above the 60$ value, they are still a welcome boost and will give a kick to your leveling and gearing up in the first couple of months, so, not bad i guess?

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Hey guys! Just to let you know. The Mission Pass Gold Ticket is not the same as the golden bonus keys in PSO2 JP. These tickets will be explained in a separate article that will be coming soon. ヾ(•ω•`) For new players, Ragol Memories will be explained as well later on.

Hmm, do you GM types have anything you can share about when the Manual will be available? (i.e. at release, at open beta, or something else)

From what I'm reading its a great value, though personally I'm not a huge fan of the Sonic costumes but I do like the Tails emote (and he is my absolute favorite!). I didn't know what most of these items were, so I wasn't sure if I would purchase however learning about what the items are now it seems interesting. Curious on how the other founder packs will be like.

It's a pleasure to support this game. Looking forward to buying the founder pack and playing next week. It's been hard to get into anything gaming wise. Just because of the anticipation of playing this game.

@Beyond-Eternia Same!! I bought a few games figuring I could pass time... newp.. I had that little sample in CBT, now it's like all I wanna play.