Bouncer: Switch Strike

Is it good to use the Bouncer's Strike Switch? Activating the Bouncer's Switch Strike do I do more damage with it or with T-ATK?

It makes your jet boots' attacks use MEL Pwr instead of TEC Pwr.

So look at your Character Info menu. If your MEL Pwr is higher, Switch Strike will increase your damage yes.

Also note that Shifta only multiplies your base stats. This means for some race/sex combinations where TEC Pwr is higher like male humans after JBs giving a little more, Shifta will tip the scale. And you want to be using Shifta for Shifta Air Strike.

The main reason to use Switch Strike is because soaring blades always use MEL Pwr. This means you can focus on gearing up with one stat type and benefit both weapon types more than if you put half your augments into MEL and half into TEC.

Other minor bonuses include the possible use of Stalwart Spirit with a Hunter subclass, as that raises MEL Pwr so you'd need Switch Strike to benefit from that. Do note though that most Bouncer and Hunter skills that talk about increasing melee strength (rather than MEL Pwr) already affect jet boots so Switch Strike won't help those.

The other thing to note is the skill isn't passive - it's like a stance. This means if for whatever reason you are better off using TEC Pwr, you can just leave it disabled and the skill doesn't hurt you.

do not use this usless thing. use enemy element weekness swhitching your weapon element with charged techs

@RizShade The two are not mutually exclusive. All Switch Strike does is change the Pwr stat used, and that has no effect on the Jet Boots Focus or Elemental Stance. It really is just all about the Augments you use.

With a HU sub, I use switch strike because I focused mostly on melee. This way I can use both s-blades and j-boots without worrying about weakening one or the other. If I used a tech class as a sub, I wouldn't need to use it, but it would also make s-blades a tad weaker.

As for using element weakness, you may want to check what enemies are on the stage and add tech for those elements to your sub palette. Even when using switch strike, matching elements will still work and do more damage. Any change in damage would be from the enemy's t-defense or m-defense. In the end, it all depends on which attack type you buffed most and if you want strong soaring blades to swap to when needed.

If you're playing with a Melee Mag, then use it.