Elitist price gouging affix champions seeking friends for the end of the world.

Night Raid is recruiting!

🌕 Fun focused, family feel alliance.

🌖 We have some of the most skilled players on ship 3. That means if you need help you'll get the best help possible.

🌗 Superficial rankings don't matter to us. The main goal of Night Raid is to help members get better gear and become better players.

🌘 Our Discord server has a ton of helpful guides, frequent giveaways and a lively community to have fun and mess around.

🌑 We are mainly looking for long term active players, grinders, time attack runners, affixers or people who are trying to become the best. We also want our members to get involved in alliance activities and not just be tree buff sluts.


If you are interested feel free to send me a message on Discord: FsR Performance#7332

Or a Kudos in Game: Cynna