Looking to recruit for team Kaizen on Ship-1. (Stands for continuous improvement in Japanese) Started the team in the closed beta. Looking for skilled/experienced players mainly, but will accept anyone who is willing to learn. We are looking to potentially become a top NA team.

Short-Term Team Objectives:

  • Recruit
  • Build Team Points for Photon Tree
  • Level Up
  • Hunt for Affix Fodders to Affix gear.
  • Have fun and progress and improve as a team.

Depending on your past background you might be eligible for a manager position depending on what teams you were on and leadership roles, ETC if you wanted it. We will have MPA (Multi-Party-Area) excel sheets for sign ups during EQs. It will be a very organized team with specific roles and class guidelines. If we don't have enough people for our MPA we can collaborate with other PSO2 NA teams.

If you want to join hit me up. I'll give you a link to our discord and google docs.