If you could, what would you add to NGS?

@Archetype-Luna I know Warframe does the same thing with the orbiter and even more so with the dojo. But I would like a higher limit for item capacity in the rooms.

@NightBladerz23 That would make your pet relationship stronger as it evolves with you. More of a team mate then a weapon. (Pokemon!)

@NovaTD A straight out brawler would be nice. If there is a system like that, you would need one of those huge skill trees where you make your character the way you want them.

More hangout areas, not sure entirely what open-field means, but if its at least bigger than PSO2 then yeah, more hangout areas. I want to try to be more social lol

Concerts 😞 I like the concerts, hope it stays or involves in some sort of way. Kind of be cool if they do what Mabinogi does and lets you make music but not really saying I'm hoping for that.

If map is big enough, then some cool modes of transportation (mounts? trains? airships?)

@NovaTD I really like jetboots, but having a martial arts class would be really cool.

@Clain Concerts were something I was thinking a lot about. Since it's so far in the future, there's probably no more Quna, so I wonder who the next idol would be.

@Clain I felt there is a few good hang out spots on the side of the shopping center, the cafe and even the waiting area. Maybe if they added like a big hang out spot where people can socialize similar to the main lobby. I only wish there where mkre interactive things with friends. I would probably add a game area or arcade where i can play with friends while i wait to do stuff or just to play arks uno with. I know in personal quarters i can do a few tiny games but i would like that interation with friends that is limited by covid 19 atm. One of the main reasons why those concerts (especially the arks one) where so enjoyable.

being able to keep weapons unsheathed like classic pso so i can ADMIRE MY RARE WEAPON WITHOUT IT SNAPPING IN HALF. or being shoved in a katana sheath.

Add mag stats and JA back.

In the player shops, add the ability to set price of multiple different items to the same price PLEASE.

@Reilet said in If you could, what would you add to NGS?:

Add mag stats and JA back.

JA yeah. Mag seems pointless if they retain the whole "you just max this one attack stat lol" PSO2 aspect. I know about the PP / J & E min maxing path that then you reset with excubes too but I find this all just added nonsense in regards to how finalized Mags work in comparison to say PSO Mag building.

@Vashzaron I would probably add a feature to do multiple item searches as well. That way I can search for 5 different items at the same time.

I would overhaul the mag system like they had in the the Gamecube/Dreamcast.

Player to player trading without having to go premium. This one I found to be utterly ridiculous. Every other game on the market allows this, why doesn't PSO2?

@Jake-Rage I don't think all do, but I'd appreciate this too. At least tie it as a perk to the shop pass or something.

Keep JA and Mags out, just make enemies tougher mechanically. To offset lack of mags, make weapons more similar to that of summoner pets in how you upgrade them. Using fodder to increase stats. Affixes/augments would instead only add special effects (Such as Doing X when Y happens.) Weapons would have a maxium stat cap for each stat and this cap could be raised by upgrading rarity and/or the level of the weapon.

Summoner should be changed into an Engineer / Mech User that acts a lot like Omega Apprentice instead.

@coldreactive Don't kill my pets.

Most of all I want a lot of open world based content any number of players can participate in, perhaps difficulty and spawns scaling with how many are in combat there, as well as big improvements to cosmetic outfits, the weakest part of Pso2 may be that while sliders are amazing outfits are... way way too limited.

I'd like more avaliability of outfit parts and more categories to combine, even asymetrically.

Also more womens footwear, long boots and shoes that are NOT HIGH HEELS. I mean combat in ultra high heels? even my foot in full infected cellulitus mode wouldn't hurt that much.

@ERICK001BC said in If you could, what would you add to NGS?:

  1. Open World GTA Style planet for us to discover, run quest, and explore.

I'd prefer a Skyrim open world style or Fallout open world style instead, especially since this game already has random events/ecodes, flesh out the random events more, make them overlap, make crazy stuff happen! Less idle time the better when darting from place to place IMO.

A better targeting system for sure. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to lock onto a boss's certain part, but instead it locks on to a minion behind him or his foot instead. 👿 Oh, and I want Just Attacks back.