Class EX Cubes?

How to obtain class EX-Cubes.? Do you just fill up the xp bar at level cap and it automatically plops one into your inventory, or do you have to speak to an npc or get a quest or what? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

@Dkzero22 said in Class EX Cubes?:

Do you just fill up the xp bar at level cap and it automatically plops one into your inventory

Yes. Also, when the level cap raises, you have to re-level to the new level cap to get them again.

As @coldreactive said. Under the current level cap, you'll get 5 class EX-Cubes each time you filled up the XP gauge at level 80.

Thanks guys!

If I'm not mistaken you can use like a billion class ex-cubes at the shop for increasing the cap to go beyond +35 weapon or +10 unit enhancements.

@Redex You are mistaken. The [Specific Weapon] Grind Cap +1s from the Class Cube Swap Shop are for weapons that don't yet have their Grind Cap at 35. They are basically a relic of when 13* Weapons did not drop with their Grind Cap unlocked, though they do still have use in JPN for Badge and Crest weapons since those always have a 30 Grind Cap when purchased from an NPC, and some are extremely rare as drops (ie. with their Grind Cap at 35).


Thanks for the correction,

Weird they ask for so many class ex-cubes in that case.

@Redex It was supposed to be a Cube sink. Consider the fact that on the JPN server, the time between level 75 and 80 was 2 years and 4 months, and the time between level 80 and 85 was 1 year and 2 months; people accumulated a lot of Class Cubes in that time since you only needed a handful, even when the Class Cube SP COs required 21 Class Cubes instead of just 10.

@AndrlCh Augment Transfer Pass has just been introduced. We need these a lot 😲

The level cap for a +35 weapon are really 35? 😞 Thought we can push the weapon after +35 with class cubes 😕

@mickschen As I said above, the cap is 35 and cannot be increased further. The only use for those Grind Cap +1 items from the Class Cube Shop is to increase the Grind Cap on Weapons from exchanges, like the Ray Weapons from the Rising Badge 3 exchange, since they have a Grind Cap of 30 when you get them.

Your Class Cubes are better saved for the Augment Transfer Passes.