An Alternative Solution For The Height Restriction/Censorship

Its been very apparent here on the forums that there are mainly 2 sides on the topic of censorship in the game. Those who want it to stay and those who want it removed. Instead of just giving one side what they want (thus upsetting the others), I suggest you guys put a toggle in place of some sort to open the option of player choice. Those who dont want to see the short characters dressed in way they deem inappropriate can use a toggle to make it so they dont see characters under the current height limit (or they just pop up as the grey silhouettes, the ones you see when loading into a lobby). I feel an option like this or similar to it would serve to appease both sides.

As far as the cutscenes go, id suggest keeping them in (as they have been dubbed) but adding a text before you watch them stating there may be content some deem inappropriate. That way those who dont want to see it can choose to opt out, while letting those who do want to see it have the choice to.

Sorry its a tad long


I'm 100% Perfectly ok and I agree with that suggestion! Thank you for suggesting it!

I am for this.

As much as I'd love this to be done to every censor out there, I have to throw the caution tempering side to this. See, Sega is developing NG, and most resources are being poured there. To ask for a toggle here now would be to divert resources from NG into an older game just to please a still not measured amount of players. This would only benefit the anti censor side, as the current pro censors are happy with the current censored game. And to some pro censors, even adding the toggle would still upset them because they actually want anti censors to leave the game.

Again, if there were side resources for it, why not. But a toggle would be the most difficult and resource hogging option between the three available, with the other two being keep or remove the censors and restrictions.

@ZorokiHanuke Well... here's the thing. PSO2 is getting an overhaul ALONGSIDE New Genesis (graphically and in some mechanics, such as adding more acessory slots), at least according to the last "FAQ" they published. It's not far off that SEGA can do something of the sort.

Also, I don't think it is resource hogging since we can also define how many characters load at one time in the in game options. Making it work based on character height isn't that hard.

@Frost-Soar Again, if there's spare resources for it, this would be the option that welcomes the most people. But I still wouldn't hold my hopes up too much. Seeing how this game went, I wouldn't be surprised to see NG slapping even more unchangeable censors instead of less. And the dev team would also remain silent while collecting money from pro censors and whales who don't care anyway meanwhile.

Now, don't interpret this as me saying to not post this idea. I'm just trying to say that being the most difficult to do, it may be the least likely due to the effort needed, and so don't be too disheartened if it doesn't happen. Temper high hopes with caution and a dash of reality so you don't end up even more disappointed in the end. That's all I'm trying to say.

@ZorokiHanuke The only way I can see this working is if it basically blanketed every character below a certain height, assuming that it is possible to call on the height value from character data.

That is pretty much the only way I can think of without some super complex logic to take into account various factors.

Of course, without looking at the source code, I can't say if even this would be easy. It may be as easy as some if statements for some height checks or it could be as complex as rewriting the methods that load character models... which would not bold well.

So if it is only, emphasis on only, a height check, then it may work. Otherwise, yeah, resources.

Cutscenes, I would think, are trickier depending on how the database for them is organized. Assuming they would want to future proof it and not add hard code a check for each potentially problematic cutscene individually, it would take a bit of work adding another variable for cutscenes.

If they have the resources, I can support a height toggle, but it is a big if.

@Archetype-Luna That's the thing. Pretty much anything and everything you said CAN be done. Really. It all has to do with three things. Resources, willpower and ability of the devs to do it. My question remains, would the people affected by it are monetarily enough to be worth the extra effort? I think if we are going to see more and more censored games down the road, not just Sega, but what Sony and others are doing, I feel the gaming industry as a whole, could start conducting studies to help companies decide where to go with such practices.

Really, in the end it's all about making games and making profits while enraging the least amount of people down the road.

I could see this as a good solution, if there were enough developers finishing projects early for New Genesis , and if it were toggled on by default, that it could work well enough. But the focus right now is getting us caught up with JP, and setting us up for New Genesis, so it's highly unlikely that that this idea, if even considered, would be implemented before then, and it would likely be on the back burner.

As good as the idea is, I guarantee you someone is going to throw a fit in here, just like they did in all of the previous threads. And attempt to get it locked.

The best! I totally approve this!!!! 👍

@Archetype-Luna while I do understand that it is something that ive no is possible, for the cutscenes id only apply to the scenes that are already censored (and plan to be down the road). Not every scene

@Anarchy-Marine im hoping folks dont come here to attack. They should understand I'm advocating for both our sides

@XenoBladeX37645 The thing is, you can't add additional variables to specific scenes to tag them. You essentially have to add a flag to every scene that says whether it needs the extra pop up or not. So even if you only want it to apply to just specific scenes, you still need to add the additional variable to every scene.

@Archetype-Luna said in An Alternative Solution For The Height Restriction/Censorship:

@XenoBladeX37645 The thing is, you can't add additional variables to specific scenes to tag them. You essentially have to add a flag to every scene that says whether it needs the extra pop up or not. So even if you only want it to apply to just specific scenes, you still need to add the additional variable to every scene.

Maybe im understanding wrong but a game like MW2 was able to add a text box before the terminal mission that let you know it was graphic. Why would that be needed for every scene in pso2? I mean jp already has a system like that in place (though it is done in a joking way). It asked before those scenes play if you want to spy on the humans on earth. Both the girl and the guys. So it is very possible to do the same here

@XenoBladeX37645 It's a difference of something being originally planned vs adding it in.

@Archetype-Luna sorry i edited my comment. Please refer to it again to see what im talking about