Designer Dreams Origins

So the new Designer Dreams AC scratch mentions being created by ARKS operatives:

This next AC Scratch collection, Designer Dreams, is for all those Arks who dream of some-day having an outfit or layering piece of their own design in the collection, as the designers with looks featured in this lineup were once just like them. That’s right, these budding phashion moguls were once fellow ARKS Operatives, so show your support by strutting your stuff in these creative and eye-catching pieces!

Specifically, these operatives are players on the JP server. There, from 2014 onwards, every year sometime between April and July there is a contest called Winners Design which allows players to submit designs. The winning entries have featured in their own AC scratch set; from 2015 onwards there have been enough winners for two sets called Side A and Side B, and this year they added a third set called Side C.

Designer Dreams is not a carbon copy of any one of these sets, however: Instead, it is a selection of various outfits from different sets spread across most of the years. For those who take an interest in this, here's a list of all the outfits and outerwear, and the JP set they came from with links to bumped:

Winners Design set Item
Winners Design 2 Side B Charteria Courent
Winners Design 3 Side A Rappy Suit: Knight and Beltpunk M and F
Winners Design 4 Side A ARKS Sadeenian Suit and Rakshasa Binding
Winners Design 4 Side B Progressive Raiment M and F
Winners Design 5 Side A Frigid Floral M and F
Winners Design 5 Side B Pop La Sorcery M and F and Frilly Goggle Camo
Winners Design 6 Side A Maidenly Ogre

I think the CAST parts might be an exception; from what I can find, the only CAST parts to ever appear in Winners Design is the Brave Spirits set from 4 Side B and that's not what we've got. They probably threw in some non-Winners Design CAST parts to ward off further complaint.

The accessories are also from Winners Design. I haven't found them all but they seem to be spread about between 3 and 6:

Winners Design set Item
Winners Design 3 Side A Photon Scarfs
Winners Design 4 Side A Fantastical Waist Capes
Winners Design 4 Side B Loose Socks, Hexashields, * Jumbo Twinder and * Cookie Bag
Winners Design 5 Side A Gradient Wings, Snake Tongues, * Blitz Horizon, * Blue Crystal Sword and * Arkuma Starcleaner
Winners Design 5 Side B Pop La Hood, Pop La Scarf, Pop La Ribbon, Simple Face Mask and Redome Unit

And for further detail, this is not the first time we have had Winners Design content. That I am aware of:

The CAST Parts are from the DOA5 collab, and were originally from the PSVita side-story, Phantasy Star Nova.

Also, just a minor correction, Brave Spirits was not Parts, it was an all-race, all-gender Costume. There have never been actual CAST Parts in the Winners Design Scratches because they have never had a category for them.

@AndrlCh said in Designer Dreams Origins:

The CAST parts are from the DOA5 collab

Fast research there! Very impressive. Yes, here they are. I wonder if that means we might not be getting that collaboration.

Liking the Sally/Popple themed one, though I already see that the Ogre one will be top seller for obvious reasons.... So, one to keep, one to sell for me, IF I find myself motivated to play this one.