Pirate Problem on Ship 1...

Did everybody suddenly forget about the $1 for 12 AC scratch ticket for ultimate pass thing that happened at the start of the release? That's likely what's going on still

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and most of ship one will know what im talking about xD

Eh I've been playing since PC launch, I don't know all of them. I know some people who whale at the game. People do spend thousands of dollars on it, if you can conceive that I don't know what to tell you. I got bored, browsed the forums and commented for the first time. If you think thats weird then so be it. You're obviously convinced of malicious behavior so I'm not gonna change your mind, I'm just telling you I personally know some of the people who behave the way you've been describing and can tell you there is nothing illegal going on. But go ahead and play at being a conspiracy theorist.

@Lady-Azuryth ya but there is currently ways to abuse it and to say a whale is spending nearly $20,000-$30,000 Not saying it doesn't happen but I know some of those whales they don't normally go over a certain amount per month unlike what is being seen here. They might spend more than you, but its not that much as you may think.

There is many gate ways at this time for people to abuse said system and they always find a way and I also know of them and they really do work getting caught might be another thing though. That doesn't mean they don't exist. Also I only mentioned one of the current abused things they are a few more that I didn't disclose yet.

Hi all. If you have suspicions about players, please use the submit a ticket feature to report them and describe why you think something is fishy. That would be the best way to get the issue investigated.

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But they aren't. They just have their own money they throw at the game, because market play is what they enjoy. Sure there probably is someone out there using a stolen credit card, but when charge backs happen (as with a stolen card) the account using the card gets banned. Like I said, I know some of the people who do this, and they don't use stolen credit cards or anything of the like.

But that's not what happens. The stolen credit cards are used to buy codes for gift cards and those gift cards are redeemed by the laundering account and converted to AC. It's why you can buy shady cheap gift cards or game codes for Steam and Microsoft without getting banned - please show me an instance where people redeeming those cheap codes have ever been banned. The degree of separation between the redeemer of the codes and the user of the stolen credit card is what is currently protecting the laundering RMT sellers. The only way the global PSO2 team is going to be able to ban them is if they can link the generated meseta to RMT which is also why it is still relevant to report them. Unfortunately, they'll never be able to ban based on the redemption of scratch tickets and the chances Microsoft or Valve will ban an account based on the redemption of the gift cards is slim to none considering the amount they make from legit spenders.

@Lady-Azuryth I have spent over 2k I am guilty

@Oniichan this, oldest scheme, They did that on many many games for a long time. Get CC Database > buy items/gold w/e > sell that will discounted price > clean money. If they smart and use Debit cards, chargeback is not an option so....

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Bot is still alive, and constantly undercutting everyone.

I suggest everyone who regularly pulls AC gasha stop pulling it until Sega gives a clear answer to this. Starting with myself >_>.

Also comparing to the last time I checked, this shop has sold alot of stuffs... Annotation 2020-09-04 024244.png Good job on not acting, Sega.

Not sure if we are looking at same person on Ship 1. But i definitely found a hacked account. I ttied reporting them but that option is gone. When going into player search only blacklist is available so how are we supposed to report through that without opening a ticket. I was able to view their profile and they only have 20 followers, it's a new account on xbox, no recordings or games, or gamerscore. No social activity. Not a single trace that this isn't an account not used for hacking or moving items/ meseta trafficking. Even the gamertag as a coded bot name in it. I guess i will open a ticket.

@GM-Deynger It would be nice if you could tell us where that "submit a ticket" feature is burried.

I looked in-game and can't find it.

I tried pso2.com website support > contact us > contact us now > log in using my steam account > player support > the website sends me back to the same page asking me to log in again > log in using my steam account > player support > the website sends me back to the same page asking me to log in again > log in using my steam account > player support > the website sends me back...

You get the idea.

Is player support closed down? What is the correct channel for submitting a ticket?

Last time I did get through this way, reporting RMT spam bots. But now it doesn't work anymore.

I hope you do realize that this circular redirection and hiding away support options puts a huge doubt on the willingness to provide any support at all.

Empty ARKS ID, empty Lookbook... If this guy isn't a shop mule for some RMT traders/duping scheme I'd eat my hat (considering it's technically horns atm, it wouldn't be tasty ^^'). No way in hell any whale worth their salt - no matter how dedicated they are to owning as much Meseta as possible - who'd spend so much on AC wouldn't have dolled up their character at least a little bit. This whole thing just stinks of foul play, no matter how you look at it... 😧

Hopefully with enough people pointing out this guy's shady stock (and somehow submitting tickets via the official channels), SEGA may eventually give him a through look over and find out if he's legit or not. Still, it'll be the accounts it's traded with that'll be providing the stock most likely, as mentioned earlier in this thread.

Fun fact: Our resident pirate has some kind of furnishing sense... If you count this, I suppose? 👎


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So when it comes to AC, all is fine. But however every items are available in bulk and from the same single unique ID.

I am not sure what is the alt limit, but seems to appear this person has 10 characters with permanent store of AC items of sale in generous quantities, it's nice for fashion and all, but it feels just wrong.

I know Whaling is a thing, but there has to be some sort of ways to detect the use of stolen payments and get rid of this person, the market is overflooded and selling is becoming near impossible since everything get undercut. By experience I know whales do like earning a profit, and rarely will go out of their way to 30-50 "Cat-Ear Headphone" and then undercutting everyone else and constantly resupplying.

I've spoke with several resident of Ship 01 and they all agree it is becoming a problem, our only possible fund raiser is spamming Ultimate and hope to have something to sell from it.

On top of it, they seems to agree that it smells like a pirate, could be RMT? A basement Neckbeard? It's very supsicious.

Surely SEGA would do something about this or it's just going remain a thing...? It's been over a month at this rate.

Low supply high demand = high prices High supply and low demand = low prices High supply and high prices = ignore and don't buy, meseta is burning in NGS anyways.

The same is bound to happen in NGS as well, though. If SEGA can't (or are unwilling) find a way to stop spambots in PSO2, there's little reason to believe they can or will become willing to do something about spambots in NGS.

Seen GM Fatal twice in the last couple of days, but besides that, I'm still blacklisting 3-4 new spambots a day. SEGA needs some kind of anti-bot mechanism against spammers auto-creating new accounts.

Or give us a couple of blocks restricted to level 75+ characters. I'd be fine with that for now.

@Shirokami07 said in Pirate Problem on Ship 1...:

Low supply high demand = high prices High supply and low demand = low prices High supply and high prices = ignore and don't buy, meseta is burning in NGS anyways.

Doubt you got a full grasp of the topic at hand here.