[Ship 1] 18+ Mature Alliance seeking mindlike "open mind" friends!

Ara-ara!~ Hello, I am Pulptenks! The beautiful Newman who serves as leader of this Alliance.~

I have founded an Alliance, and I am looking to expend in the most possible healthy manner! Still with me? good! Hear me out then.~

Alliance is called Hentacle Tentai, if you catch the meaning of this and it interest you, you're on the good line!

As said previously, I look for active folks to be friend with. Leveling up, acquiring gear and upgrades is encouraged, doing Alliance points also matter!

The Perks? Well it's 18+ and we encourage people to be comfortable being themselves, open mind, taboo talk! So come make friends, do UQ with, grind maseta with, and get good with the most fun folks who will be selected to be party of the best Alliance to be made! And of course, Discord, with my lovely dovy Anime droadcasting night!


Now, if someone if found to join and do drama, that is a good way to be shown the exit door, so be chill, have fun and don't force yourself on others if you're in the mood to go visit some one personal quarters.

Still here? Alright cool, then find Pulptenks! And let's talk together!

I will share bubble gum if you come talk to me.~

smh looks so cozy but im stuck on ship 2 😢

Good weekend ARKS!

What did you do of good? I played Some switch and died against Profound Darkness!