Please do not forget EU players and release it here too .

From a huge Sega fanboy , who played all the PSO games, even this one on a PAL PS4 via an imported Japan vers. on disk i just do not understand why the game is not released in EU... even if it stays in English only... that is not a real issue. i'm just asking for a way to be able to play this game, and like a ton of other EU players. Please SEGA EUROPE, XBOX, do something.


You will be able to play on NA with no issues, so if you don't get an EU port then you can still enjoy the game via NA.

There is a lot of misunderstanding around this because they been marketing "North America and Canada" so much. Nothing stopping you from playing, there is no IP Block as of yet, anyone can play. I played the CBT, i just changed my XBOX Location to USA, on the Xbox Settings.... I then signed up for the BETA and then changed my location back to the UK. It was simple and easy.

Service availability is limited to the United States of America and Canada.

Don't forget about that line as well that can see bottom of this site, next to the copyright related stuff... Even if they did eventually officially release it in Europe, at least personally have no intention of playing on that version/server. Since I tend to just like playing on NA/American servers, more English speakers etc.

Though they should look at how say FFXIV does their servers, aka everyone is on the same client and can play on any regions server want(if aren't already planning on doing that*). "regions server" being just in a list with all the other regions, makes more sense than actually forcing each region into their own client/bubble...

That kind of treatment should be left to regions where they don't have any choice in the matter, as in due to that regions drastically different laws etc. Though guess copyright might be something to think about as well, say if they actually have got a lot of past collab content stuff sorted out for this "NA release". Guess will see in time. >.>

*Though they haven't really said anything, so who knows what they have in mind for potential other regions - "official access" to the game.

@RocKiee-Kyrosu , your suggestion is how past Phantasy Star games were handled. PSOBB, PSU and PS Portable 2 did not even have European servers... the US and EU client shared servers (in fact, PSOBB used just a single 'Western' client).

@AngeAlexiel The situation for PSO2 really isn't too different from PSOBB other than needing to change your region (temporarily) to obtain the game. At its bare minimum an EU release would just be:

  • Have the game be listed on European digital storefronts (MS Store and Steam).
  • Have the game be listed on SEGA Europe's website.

At the best case scenario:

  • European hosted selectable "Ships" (note, NOT a separate entire server).
  • Other languages other than English.

But anyways... if this is the direction a European 'release' is going then there really... then getting a 'head-start' through the "NA version" is not really that big a compromise is it? Unlike JP, it is not against the Terms of Service to play from a country outside of the 'service area' and the game's completely region free. If you need help getting onto the game once it comes out just feel free to ask! (might even make a guide once I know for sure the extent of the MS Store 'region exclusion' when the game's publicly listed during Open Beta)