Not convinced Dark Mastery is worth it -

From the Te/Hu perspective and hardly using techs, dark mastery was supposed to be great because of Ramegid Zero. Initially I was admittedly underwhelmed by the tech itself until I used it in content where things didn't die in one or two hits. The hitstop is great. The extra damage procs for Zanverse are nice. But it's own damage? Kind of low. I wasn't convinced 15 skill points was worth it.

And then I saw this -


Provided by a guy in Discord on JP server when talking about Zanverse damage, I couldn't help but notice Ramegid's damage. Now, I'm obviously missing a lot of relevant information, but what I do see is that the damage from the ability is practically nil in whatever this scenario happens to be.

All this did was further convince me that the 15 skill points would be better spent elsewhere. What good is Dark Mastery if my main dark damage ability hardly does damage in the first place?

Thoughts? Opinions? Obviously the first question to ask is "if not Dark Mastery, then what else?"

Thanks for your time.

I think it's mostly that Dark Mastery is taken because Ramegid-0 is the only tech that makes sense in a general use sense for Techter because Zanverse is not affected by Wind Mastery at all. And a bit of extra damage floating around is going to be more useful than Reverser Field in general. Only place I could maybe see moving points to would be the PP passives for more hammer spam or PP Conversion maybe?

Extra PP was a consideration, and also putting more into tech power for stronger Zanverse / Resta / Photonic Fury explosions. At least with that it would still accomplish providing extra damage, but for more than just one skill.

I can’t speak for te/hu, but dark mastery is def worth it for a fo/tech, it stacks with fire mastery and gives you a big damage increase to your compounds techs, and simple compounds when we get to them, plus tech damage is a lot higher on force, so ramegid does a lot more damage

I built my Te/Hu using JP resources and the idea seems to be that your investment into masteries depends on your subclass. Te/Br or Te/Fo will be using offensive techniques, so invest in the mastery relevant to your element. But for Te/Hu or Te/Su, you want to maximize your melee damage, so you end up dumping those excess points into MEL Power Up 1 and Tech Power Up 2 instead.

Here's your problem. That guy literally used ramegid once. ONCE.

@Reilet said in Not convinced Dark Mastery is worth it -:

Here's your problem. That guy literally used ramegid once. ONCE.

Which would also imply that perhaps it isn't even worth casting in the first place in that scenario.


Zanverse registers it's hits once per second (and most likely per person). Assuming they had an upkeep of 100% on zanverse, the parse lasted for atleast 161 seconds. Ramegid-0 lasts for 20 seconds charged and does 66 hits.

Because they only did 46 hits, they didn't even get the full amount. That means one full Ramegid-0 would have did ~229k.

If they had Ramegid-0 up for atleast 90% of the time (which isn't hard), they would have used it atleast 7 times. That is about 1.6 million damage done by it. 1.6 mil dmg practically for free.

However since we don't know the actual parse time amount, this is the only way I can "evaluate" it. I would assume it was atleast 5 minutes long If it was a boss raid, and that would be 3.4 mil.

If it was a normal pug, then atleast 10 minutes. Which is 6.8 mil.


Interesting numbers, for sure. I wonder what the trade off ends up being if tech power skills are capped and the extra TEC is added to Zanverse versus the Dark Mastery % with less TEC.

I'm not a math guy, I have no idea how that would even look.


Zanverse doesn't scale with anything. The only thing it does is 20% of all damage done within the field.

In terms of getting stats, every 5 attack stats is 1 point of damage before multipliers.

Your overall TEC Power wouldn't do much to aid you for anything (even Zanverse) except to maybe equip certain wands (or talis) with a TEC Power requirement. It's better just to add a Potency buff to Dark, and actually just use Ramegid-Zero. With simple math, Potency > Stats.


I could be mistaken, but I am fairly certain that I read that TEC power modified the damage of Photonic Fury. The first hit is MEL based while the explosion is TEC based. So there's a damage increase right there.


Good to know about Zanverse, thank you.