Fresh Finds now last a MONTH?

I didn't even know about that, now I'm disgusting with the handling of it. golf claps Way to sweep it under the rug Sega and hope nobody didn't notice what you did there.

@kztm said in Fresh Finds now last a MONTH?:

The people who complained about Fresh Finds changing too quickly won't be the people who complain about it staying for a month. There's no embarrassment here other than not understanding that "people" aren't the same people, and offering no constructive comment other than pointing fingers at people.

I am totally aware that the people who complained the FF is changing too quickly are other people than the ones who complain now, that it stays too long. Thank you.

I just wanted to state that no matter what Sega does, somebody will come up and complain how shitty this is. And btw, these arent constructive comments either.

Even on a two weekly basis like you suggested, i guarantee you, there will be others complaining about that.

So no way how Sega can do it right for everybody.

I apologize if you dont find my comments constructive, but they werent ment to be in the first place. I just wanted to "be vocal" about what i dont like, without contributing any further, just like all of you are practicing plenty on this forum.

Just because you put a nice suggestion that would suit you the most at the end of a rant, that doesnt make it a constructive comment.

Edit :by "you" i dont mean kztm specifically, i mean the majority.

@Shirokami07 said in Fresh Finds now last a MONTH?:

I don't like maid costumes. I want to see some Cast set in fresh finds, haven't seen a single one but random saga set.

I don't, fresh finds is way too expensive and it's too easy to accidentally miss a day and thus miss an important item you wanted since they never seem to re-run fresh finds at all.

Hi all. We're making sure to make the team aware of your feelings on this matter. Thank you for voicing your thoughts!

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