Need help. How do I unlock the Chroto Mission for Beach Wats Bingo

I am at a loss on how to unlock the Chroto mission needed for Beach Ways Bingo card. Can someone help me find this client order? It is the last item I need for the reverse of the Bingo card.

You'll have to do the Ridroid quest for the points. Quest Counter > Sub Quests > Ridroid Quest. To unlock it if you haven't already, you'll need to do the quest from Cofy first that requires you to have done Las Vegas Expedition.

If you can get a party of 12, it should be quick to get 1m points. It'll take a very long time if you try to do it alone.

It was a ridroid quest? I avoided those. Well I guess I am out of luck likely since I am solo player.

If you ever decide to do it, Chroto is on the 2nd floor of the Gate Area.

i know. Been doing all his client orders for past day and been grinding to get a win in Battle Arena and find the last Vegas Liberty Spinx boss.

Sigh. I guess I will try to get that rid roid thing done anyway.

Btw, thank you Cikia.

No problem! Best of luck!

Yup. Just logged in and auto complete the Vegas quest from Cofy and learning how to do Ridroid quest so I can grind for that 1 million like a crazy person! I'll see if there any active parties.

And like that I got the Chroto quest. Man I wish I knew this days ago. Sigh.

Wasted so much time on Rush attack quests for Chroto. Wish they would have added this quest to his list and told you had to visit Cofy first to unlock it. Geez.

Ok, I'm off to grind!

Just realized if I had done this Ridroid quest days ago, I would have found the Vegas Illusia boss much easier than the 10 times I did Vegas quests trying to get it to spawn. Oi vey!

Search in other blocks for a party that's doing it, and either join that party or join as a separate party.

You're probably looking at up to 50k per run solo, but 100k dual, and 300k with a group of 4. With 12 people in the quest, it's an easy 1 million points in just one single run.

Investing time at the counter to search for a group is going to be worth it. Put up a message in your online status to signal you're LFG Ridroid would also help.

Yeah I am thinking of doing those things as I am only finding raid parties of 2 to 4 people when I choose to find game with other people.

Thanks kztn.

Thanks for your tips. I have completed the quest as of 10 minutes ago. Did 1 with another person for 46k+, then with 3 others for 312k+ with 650% bonus and then finally with a group of 11 which netted 1.2+ million due to bonus over 2K%. So you were right kztn!