How do I send feedback about the game?

How do I send feedback about the game? there used to be a link to send feedback. I want to ask them to repeat some of the Mission Pass stuff that happened while it was XBOX only. Those of us who don't happen to be lucky enough to have an XBOX missed out on Mission Pass Seasons 1-3. I don't know what was in Season 1 but the Ionia set(Risa's complete part set) was in Season 2 and I really want that set in a bad way. I think it only fair to give us a way to get the items from those Mission Pass Seasons.

Alas I cannot find where to send feedback to ask them about the possibility of this.

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Stickied at the top of this very forum, there is a thread with that info:

[Informational] Want your feedback heard? Use the tools we have to your advantage.

And if you had checked my mega thread for guides and help, you would've seen the above linked thread at the top of it as well: (Which is also pinned.)