Too many antisocial players on this game?

I've been playing for a couple weeks now and out of all of the encounters I've had with joining people's parties, or somebody joining mine, most people don't even say a word. There was one time where I was doing daily order expedition and by the time I was heading to the boss, I had only noticed one of my NPC allies was actually a player who just joined silently.

Is this normal in the NA community? I'm not expecting a convo or anything, but this total silence is silly; not even a "hi."

Yeah, this is normal for PSO2, most people chat within alliances or if they've made a specific friend with something in common.

Not unexpected out of game where partying is majorly just out of convenience or boosts and most content can just easily be done solo.

If join a Dungeon Run in FFXIV or a Flashpoint in SWToR it is the same. No one says Hi oder Grüß Gott.^^ This is not DAoC where you joins a Level Up Group for 5h+.

Must be a western thing, then. Having played on the JP server years ago, I never really experienced this kind of dead silence like the NAers seem to practice. Oh well.


Well the modern MMRPG/ORPG works like that sadly. Since PSU the game feels like one person game.

Wow retail: Everyone rushing the dungeon without say a single world

Monster hunter world: Nobody uses the gathering hub people rush to kill the boss and GG

FFXIV: Same you rush the dungeons, raids, trials and leave instantly.

The only game with a Sense of community is Classic-WoW but the game lacks of content also yeah can be boring/repetitive. 50 hours of boring questing god...

PSO2 plays at "Equal" speed WoW-Retail with GCD 1.0 second or less so nearly imposible to "Type" also the chat system is not friendly like that was on PSO-BB.

I would do this on PSO-2 improve the Social aspect

1.- Lets be realistic "One-Ship with 50 Lobby" is enough to keep the entire playerbase. Having 4 ship only split the people.

2.- Having a Looby with everything "togheter" weapons, items, craft, marketboard etc. On a "Big-Mixed area with capacity for 100 players" similar to FFXIV "Golden-Saucer" will be wonderfull.

3.- "Content" should have "Stats-Scaled" depending your party size to create a great challenge for 4 players. Also the "Multi-Party" areas should have a dynamic mob appear ratio. So if everything is dying to fast mobs will have Higher Stats and the FATES will appear more often.

4.- Creating a new "Difficulty" for all the existing "Expeditions" called RAID. This will allow 8 players can be on a same party with "Scaled-Stats" & "Higher enemies/Fates spam rates". Also you will face "Dual-Bosses".

@Lurker do you at least greet?

Even tho I'm a bit of an introvert, when I'm doing AQs I try to say hi or compliment someone's fashion. Even during runs I'll make a lil joke or w/e. Some of the time they reciprocate.

@Velveteer4662 I always greet people when I join somebody's part or when somebody joins mine. I too am introverted, but I at least do the minimum social interaction with others and try not come off as possibly rude by staying totally silent.

Okay, so people are social when they feel the need to be social. Most people trying to run missions are just trying to get it done and over with. Try hanging out in one of the populated blocks gate area and people are talking all the time.

I consider myself to be easy to engage, but because I'm used to people being not so engaging, I tend to not say anything to people. I've come to understand that if someone doesn't know you, they will say nothing.

@thenameless said in Too many antisocial players on this game?:

If join a Dungeon Run in FFXIV or a Flashpoint in SWToR it is the same. No one says Hi oder Grüß Gott.^^ This is not DAoC where you joins a Level Up Group for 5h+.

In FFXIV, you at least almost always get a " o/ " as a hello or usually someone talks about the patch if it's new.

I don't want to communicate with the sort of people flooding internet nowadays. Zooomers, SJWs and other snowflakes. Can't take a joke.

I'm not unfriendly or antisocial, but I don't normally initiate a conversation. So if the other people don't start one I'm not going to either. Currently I'm also one of the few remaining Xbox players (I normally play PC but the pandemic caught me at an awkward moment financially) so having to use my controller to converse is a little inconvenient.

Not that you'd ever guess from the boards, but I'm a pretty shy person. I typically only talk in parties or in lobby when it's absolutely necessary or when I'm loosey goosey.