Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place

@SleeprunnerInc I'm sorry if you feel annoyed by my posts, but judging by your reaction, I really don't think it's a me problem. I haven't called anyone a pedophile, but I have explained why people are being targeted that way. If you want to continue to believe that I'm judging you for watching anime and use me as some sort of self-torture device, then I can't really stop you from doing that. I've said my piece and I hope that it reaches those who do wish rectify their own situation.

EDIT: It got deleted so scratch that last part.

Yeah. We're done with you guys attacking each other and de-railing the thread.

@GM-Deynger Totally fair. It's pretty clear we're never going to have a very civil discussion with tensions running as high as they are.

@Michelle just wanted to clarify that the reason for this thread is because we do not know why the height restriction was put in place. I do not know if a toggle option is something Sega would be willing to do, same way with the inner wear option. If it turns out the existence of short characters wearing bikinis is the problem (marketing), and not the comfort of players, then the toggle option might not be reasonable. I would like more insight into Sega's limitations so that we can work within them.

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@Michelle I would like more insight into Sega's limitations so that we can work within them.

I wanna thank you again for putting it into this perspective. I still don't believe for a second that a reason will appease people, but I think a reason will give people an idea of where the boundary is.

I think a reason would definitely appease people. I just think it would raise more questions. For the obvious "Okay if you wanted to make things x- why didn't you just do x instead" type. But it would at least show if they're willing or unwilling to compromise with a possible change. A public announcement even if it ends up with no revising or change.. would at least show that Sega cares more about player concerns than their own reputation.

Alleviate concerns- allow people who are on the fence about spending or not.. to make a educated decision about the future of the game. With each maintenance since Ep4- it's seemed to sneak new changes in. Not even appearing on patchnotes or anything. I don't want this habit to be the limit of NA's support.

@MoldyAsp33874 Indeed.

Hearing the devs disclose an actual reason will help the players get an insight on their workings and minds aswell as suggest alternatives that could work from the eyes of the playerbase.

COmmunication is key and not having it is being troubling.

You're more likely asking for and receiving a million dollars from a complete stranger than you are asking Sega for better communication. Hell, ANY communication really. Seven months in and Sega hasn't acknowledged the issue once. If the mods here are doing their jobs,which they probably are, this issue should be on the TOP of the list EVERY TIME they report in to the devs as its the most active issue and has been since day 1 of cbt. It's clear they do not care.

They say they couldn't release 8 yrs ago because they lacked the systems in place to make it happen here. 8 years later and they still lack the basic knowledge that communication fosters a healthy community. Kinda pathetic honestly.

@Z0DIAK-BRAVE Yer right about that.

It's the number one thing they need to start being open about.

I mean think about it, their console flopped eventually and I don't think they will ever come back from that and I don't think their MMORPG's ever fared well in the long run.

They usually cause quite a ruckus for the first few months or year, then they get screwed and jumbled all over the place or abandoned in both territories.

PSO2 Japan is faring pretty well to my knowledge but the West is currently in a rocky state where sure I understand people don't like the bath scene cause to them it brings no lore and just seems creepy and to others it brings more lore about the characters as we see how they act in a simple situation as that and how your character and the arks react to it.

Not only that, it's also a funny gag about humanity in general cause face it, what TEENS (Not adults) havent either discussed a situation like that, been in a situation like that, seen a situation or that or wished a situation like that.

And I'll bring up my history of working with children again up.

I've talked to many different types of kids, ranging from different ages and usually it's just about how they've been what they've been doing etc.

Sometimes I'll get funny responses on what they've seen or done and honestly sometimes I just wonder if they have any kind of filter at all.

And they brought back memories from my childhood when I was in third grade.

There used to be this problematic housing complex called 11th yard (Cause the complex was labeled 11 and had a big yard there) and one of the families kids usually ran around naked with their mom chasing them.

We all laughed at how funny it was back then.

Nowadays I would just feel shame but also laugh at how absurd a situation like that was.

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@treos100 I get that you're angry, but I'm not your venting corner. I said I never accused you of it. But I'm saying there's repercussions to saying something like that that you should have been fully aware of, so it's important to think before you speak or else you end up in a mess like this.

I have to grab this from pages back but, what you are saying is: If you like animes with short characters or even CARTOONS aka Disney cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb, then it's okay for you to be called a Pedo.

That's not okay, it's never been okay and that counts as slander which will get a lawsuit on your arse IRL quite fast if you start yelling stuff like that.

There's common decency and if the first thought that crosses your mind or even the second or third thought is that the other person is a pedo for just liking an anime with a short character lets say Lucky star, then I got bad news for you as it would mean YOU made that connection and had that thought.

@Paladin I have to grab your comment aswell, this game is not NA.

It's Global.

Sorry to burst your bubble but NA is the minority when it comes to accepting cultures and differences in the world.

If you truly want a compromise, since you don't want to see loli characters then here's the best one yet: Toggle option so that every character under X height is blanked out for ya OR looks like the default character.

That's the best compromise.

Other than that, we really need to get transparency from the developers.

@ApollosAmour towards you again, I've seen comments that have good reasonings for why the restriction should stay, however none of these are arguably the actual reason why it is in place nor the answer to it since they do not come from the developer nor publisher.

They are guesses from the community at the very best.

We want the devs to be upfront, communicate and state why they did X thing.

If it's a consistent and good reason, fine.

If it's a BS lie like ESRB rating which was proven false then we get to call the devs out on it.

Even you can agree that a proper reason has to be something that holds up and not something that is proven false by talking to ESRB for example about the age rating.

If its global.

Why do you need a NA account to play?

Also why is Belgium and Netherlands banned from it? Are they not part of Global?


Sorry to burst your bubble.

But NA isnt the Minority here. The game was released, for NA, you need to change your region thus becoming a NA account, to play on NA. It needs to follow NA censorship laws, lootbox too if we get the same restrictions that Belgium and the Netherlands have. When the game was advertise for finally coming to the west, it clearly said on the Trailer "Coming to North America".

NAs laws, NAs rules, I do not care what you think censorship or lack thereof should be if your in any region that isnt, North America. Your using our client and our NA Based, Microsoft Azure Cloud servers.

So you can deal with it.

Want the height restriction removed? Then your gonna have to censor with un-removable inner-wear for any character created under 150. Fair enough compromise, and wont conflict with our laws and culture.

Otherwise, you can always play the JP Client.

@Paladin a few reasons i can think off right offhand are the gacha system (which, in effect, isn't all that different from loot boxes and is another form of gambling...just less flashy), the absurd amount of microtransactions and other monetization (this games "premium" locked content is just absurd.), and the fact this game has a literal casino in it (even if it only uses in-game currency).

which, thanks to our friends over at EA...locks certain games out of certain countries now.

or for an even shorter tl;dr... how's that "feeling of pride and accomplishment" feeling these days, EA?

@Paladin Belgium and Netherland dont have the game due to lootbox regulations. When it comes to Online and Mobile games, "Global" is usually to mean the version "available in most regions". There's many games with Global versions which still have a separate client and server for say... South Korea, China, Japan and/or South East Asia despite already having a "Global" version which isnt available in these territories.

In addition, you dont need an NA account to play. On Xbox One and Windows 10, Microsoft accounts are region-free... there is no such thing as an "NA Account". On Steam, the games available in other regions and the Steam account of those regions can play.

Also online games dont have separate clients for EACH region the same way standalone games do so... your statement that its an "NA client" doesnt make sense when such is the standard in the industry.

@Paladin NA Laws aren't an issue; the idea that laws in North America are an issue, especially US law, have been debunked repeatedly. If games like Senran Kagura can be released in North America (and other countries for that matter), then PSO2 won't face any law suits if they uncensored the game.

Would like to get this topic back on topic, I understand this is a long time heated topic, but the goal here is to take a step to a solution.

Does everyone agree that it would be great to get communication from a decision maker on this topic, on why the change was made? I know it will not fix the issue, but more information should make things a bit more constructive.

@Moei I definitely agree that, if it were possible, it would definitely help put the community at ease. You can't please everyone and there will always be people that, even with a reason given, will continue to complain about the censorship but it can't be helped... the GL and JP community are divided as is on many issues (Catching up is a good idea vs. Why didn't they just release with Episode 6, Why not use the Fan Translation vs. Original Translation, etc) and this is something I don't expect will change even with improved communications.

I of course raise my fears though that the reason given may not paint the full picture. Their recent interview concerning why the release was delayed for eight years, while some parts would definitely be true, does not paint the full picture and Sega had previously scape-goated the ESRB as the reason for the censorship. Asking for a reason is one thing... its unlikely as it is but something which is not in the realms of impossibility, but asking for the FULL picture might be next to impossible....