Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place


Do you really want me to tell you what I saw so you’ll stop thinking I’m blowing it out of proportion? I saw a breastless, babyfaced anime girl on her back with a full on view of her being penetrated. Yesterday my husband saw and reported a symbol art of what looked to be the same character giving a blowjob to a very detailed penis. I’m not freaking out over nothing. Also yes I shut them off, my husband didn’t. We game in the same room and obviously talk to each other so of course I saw it on his screen.

If you think child porn art in this game isn’t worth reporting then I don’t know what to tell you. Go look on ship 4 gates 01 and 02 and see for yourself. Your dismissal is honestly frustrating.

@Milk I haven't seen that on Ship 3. Have you considered doing recon in other ships, on a throw away character to see if a ship transfer is in order? Because each ship has a different social setting. It's still a waste of time reporting the art, because even if it gets deleted, a new one will get made later down the road. And if the person, or people making them care enough, they will make three symbol arts to replace the deleted one, until banned. I saw that with the big tits ones on Ship 3 for a time, before it stopped.


The thing is a person shouldn’t have to transfer a server in a game because of people breaking the rules, eventually they’ll get banned if enough people bother. I saw several “you’re gonna get banned for that” messages from random lobby players but who knows if they reported or not. I like the community on my ship save for those aholes. It’s very fun and vibrant especially during concerts. I absolutely wouldn’t bother reporting boobs or whatever stupid symbol art people post to get a rise out of strangers but I absolutely draw the line at kiddieporn. There’s also the case of 24 characters between my husband and I to transfer, not even including friends.

I don’t need a safe space and I really don’t think I’m asking for a lot.

My point of view for the slider compromise is it reminds me of Union negotiations, eventually there’s just a final offer and if it’s rejected then nobody gets what they want. SEGA hasn’t and probably will never budge on this, so what compromises can we make that make both company and player happy? It’s a delicate situation and after the nonsense I’ve seen on my ship I can understand why there is such weight to the decision.

@Milk You just told me that you don't talk to, or spend time with most of the people on your ship, but now your telling me that you love the community at large on the same ship, and that it's a small minority that are the issue. Which is it? Because it still sounds like it's an issue being blown out of proportion, as it looks to me like its a small handful of people here and there that are an issue for you, one you could treat like RMT bots, by blocking, and if needed reporting. Unless you aren't communicating your point clearly enough, and something is being lost in translation from thought to typed word here, which is a possibility.

A small handful of creeps, doesn't mean that the rest of us should have to deal with censorship, period, end of discussion. It's like saying guns should be banned entirely from private ownership, because a couple people illegally obtained firearms, and shot up a school, or a mall. That's my point. That handful of creeps could have IP and Xbox/Steam account bans, and the issue would be resolved. There doesn't need to be a compromise, save for a toggle system in case of people overly obsessive about short characters in the general sense, as it's been evidenced by posts on here, that there are weirdos like that, that don't want short characters regardless of outfit choices, or body build.

Innerwear doesn't need to be censored, because that would limit what a player could do far too much. If I'm trying to re-create a character that has a certain style, outfit choices will be ruined by a bodysuit, as the character in question didn't have that on their person. It's the wrong kind of blanket solution, to a very simple problem. One that people keep overcomplicating by going on some wild what if scenarios. Unneeded mental gymnastics, that further the issue along, rather than finding the best solution.


You can enjoy the atmosphere of a community without directly interacting with them. That’s like saying you can’t go to a coffee shop to enjoy the environment without talking to any of the other customers. There’s nice people on my ship, unfortunately the vocal minority are loud and they’re not going away. I block them so I can enjoy the game in peace. I don’t play most MMO’s to meet new people, it’s just easier to play with the people I know in an MMO. No one is left out like in some co-op games.

You’ve shot down every idea. What’s yours? Crossing your arms and saying “no” isn’t a solution to the situation. They’re saying no back for a reason, if we agree with it or not. It’s not our game, we don’t decide. I’m only hoping for a solution that is answered with a yes on their end. That’s it.

@Milk Literally said toggle solution that keeps in the censorship, or customizes the ways in which you want your game to be censored, based on each individual player, akin to gore filters on gears of war. You don't see what offends you, but other players that don't get offended by the same things, aren't affected by your settings. That way players that want a 1.1 version of the game, can have that. As censorship could be set to off entirely as well. It would be the best possible solution, only doable likely after the release of New Genesis. But it would further player choice. The only ones arguing against that as something implemented later down the road, likely want full control over what other players can, and can't do.


I like your idea but the people writing articles and spreading bad news usually aren’t the ones playing the game. The game gets away with a lot due to M rating but that’s never stopped people before.

@Milk Real gamers don't use news articles to decide what they play anymore, because they are corporate owned, and the opinions and views of said articles are usually either bought and paid for, or are designed to smear what people enjoy playing, in an attempt to get the game company to change on that alone, and the few times that's worked, players stopped playing the game after said change, leaving the disconnected game company wondering why. Developers and publishers need to stop listening to the idiots that run those dying publications, and only focus on listening to those paying their bills, I.E those actually playing the games. Money talks.


Right and I 100% agree with that but SEGA hasn’t told us the reason and this is literally the only one I can even think of that they would do this. Reputation in a game matters too, maybe they’re worried about theirs.

@Milk If that were the case, SEGA Entertainment wouldn't have just sold to GENDA, a Japanese owned company that supports facilitating business between Chinese and US markets. Business I don't support, do to all Chinese markets supporting, either directly, or indirectly funding that countries Communist party. A political party that subjects Muslims in that country to brainwashing in the internment camps, they affectionately titled re-education camps. If GENDA keeps backing that, it's reason enough alone for me to stop supporting SEGA.


I had no idea. I’ll have to look more into it, thanks for the info.

@Milk Actually I just read another article that says that it's only their arcades that they are selling, as the other mentioned only their 60th anniversary, and Sonic, it neglected to mention that SEGA is selling out of their arcade/pachinko machine business, not that it was tied to their videogame market, such as PSO, and other titles supported on Console, and PC gaming. Either way, I don't like who they sold it to.

Edit: another clarification, they sold over 80% of the shares, but still have stake in the company, but SEGA Entertainment is no longer a subsidiary of SEGA group as a whole. I don't know exactly what that covers, but I know I don't like business dealings with China, since beginning last year, after I found out the free Hong Kong movement was treated as less than human, and this whole camp thing. It's like watching the onset of the horrors Germany enacted during the 30's.

@Anarchy-Marine Sega Corporation (Formerly Sega Games and Sega Interactive) and Sega Entertainment are different from one another. Home Console and Mobile games are usually handled by Sega Corporation and that part hasn't been sold off.

@Leonkh99 That's good, but won't they still be making a percentage of whatever profits this new company that bought their machines brings in? The topic shifted back to SEGA's reputation after I read an article shared to me by Google. (My home page gives me news articles I may be interested in, based on my search history.) Normally it's crap I don't care about, but this sale in particular caught my interest. I'm glad that it wasn't their corporate business, that handles these games, but I care about money flow in this sense, and this GENDA company is raising some red flags for me.

Maybe I'm making a big deal over nothing, but ever since I learned about the things the Chinese government, and by extension its markets have been doing, anyone doing any business with said market, are groups I limit myself as much as possible spending money with. Kind of hard to do when nearly every country, especially the U.S. outsources to it. I just don't like the thought that my money has in some way, potentially gone to fund the very things I abhor in this world. Overzealous control, and brainwashing are on top of that list next to lying.

Edit: I apologize for going well off topic, as it was never my intention to derail the thread. Dead though it may have been, bumped from it's original derailment.


The free Hong Kong movement affected a lot of our spending choices but unfortunately people either forgot or stopped caring because they like rock bottom prices for stuff. I know what you mean, it’s honestly hard to avoid, especially when it comes to gaming companies. I’ll keep an eye on SEGA from now on because that’s still concerning.