Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place

@SternalVessel61 But you already replied to him in this thread on your previous account

@Laep I don't have a previous account

@Vita-Starshine That would be cool and all, if Sega actually had one of their PR reps give the answer.

Bethesda did it when talking about Skyrim and their immortal children.

Interviewer: It's sad that murders are fixing a fame Bethesda released as broken.

Hines: Because we don't let you kill children.

Blunt honesty, straight to the point.

@SternalVessel61 said in Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place:

@Laep I don't have a previous account

Ok, now you are just lying *mmerson ** *enny. You created this account the same day Treos called you out for being *hrnodroid. October 2nd-3rd. You forgot how many people were there that night. (I censored it so that you can't say it's invasion of your privacy.)

You openly admitted you were one in the same, and now you've since gone and tried to pretend that wasn't so. You said to Leap, and I quote in another thread, "@Laep I have taken a stance of not using my main account to post anything online. I'll give episode 5, it seems to be mostly without changes and I forgot the blood." I'm with you when it comes to being against censorship, but I'm not with you on lying to win an argument. You lost me there.

If it's one thing I abhor it's liars. You want to be treated fairly, and have respect, you earn it by being honest. Not by being disingenuous at best, and a liar at worst. And you lost mine the second you began doing shady things with the whole multiple accounts thing. This account literally showed up the day after you stopped using your other account, and attempted to wipe information that could connect you to your original account.

@Anarchy-Marine Yes, you are correct that I said that this isn't my main account. To clarify what I meant to say is that this is the only account I've used in the forums. I have no idea what those other names are, believe it or not.

I've not used my main account a single time in the forums.

@Moei Use A Mascot costume There you will get the height you want.

@SternalVessel61 Yeah, and your account just so happens to come into being the day after this other user gets their past brought up onto these forums. You then have the same personal vendetta against Apollos that Kenny had. I'll drop it for now, but I think there is something very off here. There were other users on these forums that made multiple accounts, one dude in particular pretended to be a fifteen year old girl to try and win his pro censorship argument, so at this point nothing would surprise me.

I don't care which side of the fence I see it from, a liar is a liar, and it's something I abhor. If you are telling the truth, fine, but if it comes out that you were lying here, I'd ask that you never return to these forums, as you would only be a detriment to your cause, the same way that Palidin/Knight guy was to his. And if you are telling the truth, you may want to go back, and read everything posted both in this forum thread, and the other one that you have been replying to, that was started by Luna, that directly mentioned cutting it out with the censorship. It should help you understand why your posts are being met with scrutiny.

@Anarchy-Marine Yes, I actually just happen to make this account a day after you've had stuff happen here. Apollo clearly has his agenda and I'm calling it out.

You're now just throwing baseless accusations. You also calling me a liar makes you a liar.

@SternalVessel61 You obviously didn't read that last part, and now your getting defensive. A normal person would have read the part about people making multiple alt accounts, and would have responded to me in a way that understood that, and would have simply said, that they were going to go read into all of that, to better understand why they were being met with scrutiny. A new user would be confused, and would want a better understanding of the situation on these forums, not actively call the person giving them fair warning a liar. The point is you showed up right after another user stopped using their account, said user was called out for some honestly questonable things, and they responded with hiding, instead of stating simple truths about themselves, and standing by their original account username.

You can't tell me you don't see why someone using deductive reasoning wouldn't just deduce that this new account, made literally a day after the fact is a bit odd. Coincidence, maybe, but given the numerous other instances of dupe/alt accounts, you can understand why this Is an ongoing issue, and why you would be seen as a possible alt.

@Anarchy-Marine So if I'm accused of something, I'm not supposed to defend my self?

@SternalVessel61 Not saying that. I'm saying that you didn't confront the situation in a constructive manner. I admit, I may have been wrong to assume, but you don't know how screwed up these forums have been these past few months, and I'm sure the GM's are having a tough time themselves discerning real accounts from alts. Anything short of checking an IP adress, and you couldn't tell if a fresh account, added after such an exchange was, or wasn't an alt. This makes feedback on sensitive topics like these, a lot harder to navigate, as you don't know how many of those offering feedback, aren't just a handful of people using ten or more accounts.

Can we please get back to the point?

All we want is Sega to send via a tweet or a GM passing a message along. Just set the record straight, rather than us constantly getting at eachother's throats over speculation

The message has already been passed along like with other feedback. There's certain considerations that are made when bringing something to a global audience and every localization team will do it slightly different, in this case they made very minor alterations to the game to make it fit better for the global audience.

At this point these threads are really just containment threads.

OK, show us WHERE is the message.

We want something literally saying the reason, not implicitly actions.

@Frost-Soar said in Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place:

OK, show us WHERE is the message.

We want something literally saying the reason, not implicitly actions.

This I agree with. SEGA and it's PR team have been sidestepping the entire issue, and haven't once bothered to address it. The GM's are thusly stuck in between a rock and a hard place keeping things civil, as all SEGA's silence has caused is alienated players, regardless of numerical values, as I know of at least a dozen or so players in game alone that I've seen mention the censorship overall, let alone height restrictions and none where happy about it.

That's not counting the people that have used these forums, as I asked if they know about them. You'd be surprised, even with the in game marketing of the site itself, no, players typically don't know about them, or would be bothered to use them. The ones that do, usually relay the event information by word of mouth. With that said, it's unknown how many players actually even know the censorship itself even exists, save for those that were told about it by users of these forums.

All that said, even if SEGA gives an official statement on the matter, they will likely still see backlash, given that players typically don't like being told what's good for them. I know I sure as hell don't.