Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place

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I'm amazed there's still a boob slider!

I advise you to open a thread on "In-Game Suggestion", most likely the developers will remove the boobs slider. A single complaint about something in the game is enough, and they will soon be removing or changing it.

This is how SEGA works.

@Gurgles It seems like the most likely scenario, but get ready for the mob for saying that lol

@Silvalance It's sad that they'll sooner remove a slider on a single complaint than removing censorship after multiple complaints.

The only things they've changed via player request so far have been simple things afaik. Something like a slider being cut is a bit bigger than fixes/changes in the script or extended dates on scratches.

@Silvalance said in Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place:

@Gurgles said in Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place:

I'm amazed there's still a boob slider!

I advise you to open a thread on "In-Game Suggestion", most likely the developers will remove the boobs slider. A single complaint about something in the game is enough, and they will soon be removing or changing it.

This is how SEGA works.

For the record, I don't want them to remove anything! I would rather everything stay the same as original JP. 😄

@Gurgles said in Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place:

For the record, I don't want them to remove anything! I would rather everything stay the same as original JP. 😄

Too late, they are starting to code the new boobs slider, no more flat chest, only C, D and E cup are allowed.

Only kids have a flat chest. And we know your intention regarding this.


I.... can't.... laugh....

@Silvalance I'm sure this is sarcasm, but there are a bunch of things wrong with that statement, lmao.

@Anarchy-Marine It's not easy to emulate a pro-censorship comment XD

Sorry, I see threads like this popping up everywhere. I don't care for the height restrictions, however the thing is is that this is NA server. NA server don't see short cute characters how the rest of the world see them, furthermore art is mostly real to most people. If you draw something that is fake that looks like something, it'll be labeled with regarding that image. Because Loli is associated with bad things, it is considered bad. You want your answer? it's because they don't want to look like pedophiles or enabling pedophilia, which imo they are automatically calling anyone a pedophile that wants to be short and cute, like most people do in any games.

The Devs make cute characters and you play that cute character because you like how cute it is? You're a pedophile by association, even if you're just as short in real life. None of these beings are real but the fact that people take art seriously is real and you're asking an obvious question. But It's anime, anime community is heavily attacked and controversy stirs a big pot. You'll find American Animation to be more settle and calm, if you play on a game that is American and they were child like, you'd have less worry about being called something you're not just because you're playing it.

You're playing an anime based game, Asian game and NA and EU don't like the fact that you're doing that stuff, not to mention the many people who actually RP as children makes it much worse for you. Even if the character isn't real, the person behind that is real making it more difficult for them to accept a short small character. You can be short all you want on other games and have big boobs, big butt and still be called a lolicon and a pedophile.

Also, the word Loli is a problem in itself because the MASSES see it as meaning a child, underaged character so couple that with people actually ERPing as children behind that makes this look bad even if you don't see your character as a loli. If someone points out that you are a loli, no matter your age and it's usually because your height alone, you can look really adorable at any height but being short is worse, then people will see you as a loli. You need boobs, curves, be tall to be normal even though there are adults that are petite and short.

I'm sure someone will get upset at this and will say some ridiculous stuff because I'm saying this but I've seen a lot of people in my life and experienced a lot more than you think and I don't think that you have even experienced a lot of the world yet. The average height of a Japanese woman alone is 5'2" Short.

And many women from Japan do look really young for their age and most Asians as well, this is why these anime characters always look like this for the most part. Asian people have a youthful look even the taller people there so you'll, no matter what height you are, look young on most Anime types of games.

It's the use of the word, mainly. Japan didn't coin that word, fans of anime coined that word and it's associated with bad things and because people analyze that word, it is assumed that it comes from Lolita which is a novel about a seductive precociously seductive underage girls. So the reason now you have several reasons why you can't be short.

Since no one can determine your age and you have the potential to act out like some sort of ERPing fool, which in this game has many, you're not allowed to be shorter because of the fact that the game developers know that people ERP alone. If some Americans weren't so gung-ho about banging something small and adorable and calling them loli and acting like kids behind that character, you wouldn't be asking this and people wouldn't be in this mess.

The real question, to me, is why are there ERP here in the first place? there is no sexual items here, you can dress sexy and have all your pole dancing all you want but you're not going to get SL, LoM, Scarlet Blade, 3dxchat, VRchat levels of adult here. Also, a lot of these outfits aren't that adult but people treat them as adult because the human body is a sin to behold and not a natural thing. You show more flesh you're not normal and well behaved. If I wore shorts and a tank top because it's comfy, I'll be considered someone easy or something just because I like my body to breathe.

So there you go, these things that some people do, You're in NA, you have people that make short people look bad you have youthful looking characters, you're actively calling them underage while you're trying to make a statement, other people are calling them that no matter your age and your character's age and there might be actual underaged people playing this. You're not going to lift height because of most of these issues and NA have different views and opinions on things.

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GM-Deynger I'm not in favor of the min height being restored, but Moei made a good suggestion before about if it is restored, having perma-innerwear on characters below the current minimum height similar to the change made to Al in Episode 4.

Oh, of course your against having the game like it was originally.

@Vita-Starshine small thing to add to this... the issue may not entirely be with NA. PSO2NA is now PSO2 Global, itself something that they had been building up to since NA first released given the hints that were present.

As a result of the game being available globally... you have to deal with not just a North American audiences but audiences from various different countries which each have different culture and views.

These changes are ultimately done by Sega of Japan who manage the Global version themselves and have final say in things. This all really feels like they are just in general trying to avoid potential controversy and/or maybe appeasing another company (remember there's a PS4 version not yet released and Sony's strict censorship policies).

@SternalVessel61 Why are you replying to a post that was made on September 2nd? Genuinely curious, are you actively trying to stir something between you and Apollo?

@Vita-Starshine I'll preface this, as you've mentioned; there's a fundamental difference between petite bodies and children. Having a character being petit or child like does not automatically make you a pedophile. A lot of people seem to misunderstand that being short means it's automatically a child, therefore you're automatically this or that. A person is not bad for liking or wanting to create petite characters.

What bugs me on a borderline personal level is that most of these arguments I've seen regarding removal of height limit, is only for them to be irritated about not being able to ERP or do questionable in-game things because they can't be "truly loli" while seemingly disregarding anything else that's been censored(lately more than EP4 cut sub stories have submerged and I am glad people are paying attention to lost details) only caring about "all of the content" whether you can see underaged girls in a towel or not and censored base wears from another teenage character. Heavily trying to argue for anti-censorship, while screaming how lolicon and media is just fiction and how all of this is harmless because it is digitally, while the main argument is about height sliders, EP4 cut bath content while simultaneously being upset about not being able to use /la orz on a lolita-like character is very, very questionable. Are they necessarily all debate points with ill intentions? Are they pedos? No. I don't think most people against censorship have these things in mind. I genuinely believe most just want to create a character their way and play PSO2 as PSO2 was advertised for. And that they don't want a political and moral influence in MMORPGS. Again, it just comes off as such because things can get really heated. Misunderstandings can come easily as with labels. I can only point out what I've seen majority of the time.

I would really like to see the add-on of Smart Inner, because it was the only inner where it could properly cover basewears without making it stand out. However, playing on JP servers for nearly 8 years, I can see why this had to be removed along with a restricted min-height. In JP, most people were REALLY creative when it came to lewdness of child-depiction(again, not lolicon/petite, two different things) to a point where condoms out of two pieces of accessories were made, along with dildoes and cum in a small characters mouth, plus that most JPs created "lolicon" like avatar solely to look at them inside of the salon naked(Smart Inner is basically just a band-aid on private areas and was often defacto for nudity mod along with sexy bikini) with said accessories on. And use extremely provocative outfits from layering wear along with Emotes that NA actually have implemented. NA naturally wanted to prevent this. PSO2JP can be considered a very mild soft-core porn game alike Tera and Blade&Soul. Unless NA wanted this(which they can't due to depiction laws) then the censorship will continue no matter what anyone's stance is. And people will be angry about it no matter what. Understandably on many occasions, buuut that's just how it's going to go for this game.

I apologize for the long text again.

Yes, I fear you are right, but I would rather for them to release this information. They put this change in place without giving us a way to come up with alternative suggestions. The point is for them to release why they did this in order for us to make alternative ways to accomplish the same goal.

For example if in the upcoming ngs it might even be possible to add a more complicated "censor" system since that is more in development, and truthfully they probably want people switching over to the new character creator anyway. Allowing short characters in the new character creator might be worth it for people to switch over.

Anyway, I would prefer to avoid the more controversial stuff, mostly just trying to make sure we get the reason for this change so we can at least choose our poison if we have to do so.

@Hecyna I mean we can start looking at charts to figure out what is popular and what is not.


Here's one chart from a while ago.

And here's another http://pso2.jp/players/event/4th_aor/report/player/

These two are old ones, currently I think we are on the 8th anniversary?

But so far I only found up to 7th anniversary info which was on PSUblog and it didn't have breast size nor character sizes on it.

I'll update this once I find Segas site link.


Here's a report about clothing.

I could not find anything there about character heights, but judging by the 6th and 4th reports being really similar, it seems loli characters under the 150 aren't the most popular ones by far like people are claiming.

@Hecyna We've had our back and forth for the last few days on another thread.