Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place

You might not think its the case but you guys are asking for way too much transparency with a company that already had no qualms about keeping people in the dark about the western version of the game coming out after its first reveal for years even though you had so many people asking them constantly for news over that time.

I know everyone wants to try but Sega can and absolutely have no problem keeping their lips sealed.

@Vashzaron A protest by stopping playing would give them good motivation to be more transparent. In the end, money takes priority over everything, even over bad intentions. The problem is that there are currently enough players who continue to be unaware of this, and others don't care. They are numerically sufficient to sustain the game economically. What is certain is that SEGA is clearly losing money now. Because I spent over € 1000 on the JP version. I was planning to spend another € 1000 or more on Global, but I won't. I absolutely don't want to. I don't support censorship, and I don't support dishonesty.

@Emmerson-T-Kenny How active are you on Global compared to JP? I'm just curious.

@ApollosAmour I don't play Global, I just created an account and playing a bit. I'm Level 95 Hero on JP, other classes are level 80/85. Not that active on JP lately, but I've been playing it day and night in the past. I was planning to start playing on Global with some friends of mine from JP. But neither I nor my friends are going to do it anymore.

@Emmerson-T-Kenny That's cool. I'm glad you're still enjoying JP, even if Global isn't your cup of tea. Thanks for answering me. 🙂

@ApollosAmour The only regret is that the Global version is superior as a client, natively supports 4K, has better UI, and even has voice chat, plus full integration with Steam and all the features. For this reason it would have been nice to play here, but unfortunately it has limitations that are quite important to me and I wish there weren't. I really care about this game, and I really want to be able to move to Global also because we have customer support. (You need to know that JP version customer support isn't exactly ideal for players outside of Japan.).

But you tried to derail the thread, right? XD

Anyway, I want to at least know what SEGA has to say. Officially.

@Emmerson-T-Kenny No, the thread's already derailed. It gets derailed even when it's just a couple people talking that agree. lol The fact of the matter is that there's not enough content in the discussion to warrant this many pages, so people trail off. I was just curious.

@Vashzaron That's a problem they should be tackling and they seem to in some way. A bit of transparency goes a long way. I mean they've already done some interviews with game journalists. Look at how SE handles communication with their players for FF14. It's something that should be standard in 2020.

@ApollosAmour said in Disclose WHY the height limit was put in place:

@jimpjorps lmao Then we'd have a wave of giantess RP

And that's bad thing because?

@Liam-J-McAdam I was just kidding, but any sort of ERP in a game like this is bad imo.

@ApollosAmour ERP will happen regardless of game limitations.

Trust me, the internet would even do ERP on this very forum if they wanted to.

Perhapse if lobbies or some kind of communal non combat area could be instanced fandoms that do not interact well with one another would stay out of each others way.

Or maybe a voluntary tag and hide system. This player is self rated M for language, I set my filter to T on language and said player is muted to me, or hiden if it was subjective behavior instead of language.

To keep this somewhat topical, it would work with height too; hide or substitute below X cm. However, that would have required the limit to have been for player comfort and not legal compliance is some obscure English speaking jurisdiction. Hence the need for disclosure.

@ApollosAmour I was kidding too. Figured I'd have some fun.

@Liam-J-McAdam Aight lol It's good to joke around with the topic sometimes with how heated things get.

Obviously they didn't want lobbies full of poledancing lolis in bikinis spamming symbol arts about "yogurt".

Let's be honest, this is a weeb game, and I can understand a company being wary of letting the weebs go full weeb in a large western release.. I mean, boob physics and the "kiss" emote being disabled in the salon isn't a bug. There's a reason for that I'm sure. They know their audience.

I'm amazed there's still a boob slider!