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So pso2 i finally noticed that pso2 is playable on steam and wanted to link my account and play it there since microsoft store creates too many trouble but since i had no idea how to do it i made n error and created a new player ID on steam and now its impossible for me to link my old account so please teel me there stillis a way im desperate, i tried to unistal adn reaintall but still nothing helpfull happened and internet is not helping either for the moment since they say that if you do this little eroro you are basically done but it's really orrible that you can't link your accoutn anymore so please tell me there is a way to it without changing steam account(since its kinda not worth it, too many thigns on my accoutn) or that atleast they will do something to help with this problem kinda soon, it seems im not the only one that had this problem and i really hope there is a solution thanks

Once you create an account via the steam version before you link, you can no longer link.

If you don't go past the message that states this, then you're fine.

theres a way you may not like it but its the only way, make a new steam account.

i personally never had the option to link my xbox account to my steam and i tried multiple accounts until a day or so later which my newest account allowed me to but i didnt go through.

thats just the work around i found, its kinda not ok to block users from transferring if they a like me never had the message pop up and b didnt read the agreement and made the error like you.

imo its just not ok to block transfers at all because it is kinda confusing and sucks you need both versions installed

The message only appears once (unless you back out of the game before confirming), and if you accidentally are using turbo / holding down the accept button/etc. it will go through to make your account. After passing the dialogue, the dialogue is gone forever with no take backs.

You have to be patient with games.

I accidentally create player ID, now i cant link my microsoft accout to Steam version 😞 need help

@Cya-Vain said in Account link:

I accidentally create player ID, now i cant link my microsoft accout to Steam version 😞 need help

New Steam account or you are stuck being unable to link to Steam at all