Tech Power Up?

Hi, in the techter skill tree if you put points into Tech. Power Up will it increase the power of resta, shifta, and deband? Or does it only affect damage techs? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

Resta, yes. Shifta, kinda, in that you will personally get more PWR out of it, but it does not effect anyone else. Deband, no.

But do keep in mind that the TEC-Pwr to SP cost of those Tech Power Up Skills is not that great, and you would probably get more benefit using those Points in Skills that have a multiplier instead, depending on your build.

Just for reference, this is how Resta works:

Heal scales off your base TEC-Pwr. This includes your MAG, all TEC-Pwr Up Skills, and increases to your base TEC-Pwr, such as Photon Flare and Shifta, but excludes your weapon. Calculation for Resta's charged heal per tick is equal to (TEC-Pwr/4)(Resta Power %)(Resta Advance)*(Potential)

So more TEC-Pwr does increase its power, but the amount of extra TEC-Pwr from those Skills may not account for much.

Thanks for the info!