I am fing livid right now because i spent money on AC through steam, for a mag pass and it shows in game that i got it in my purchase history and i don't have the pass, i wanted to goto this website to post a ticket to be able to get it fixed but when I try and opt in with my email address nothing happens, i click refresh, nothing, i turn off pop up blocker , nothing, so i try using the contact us now and a little pop up comes up and asks for my email, i enter it and it tells me that the login has failed, at this point i am going to go through sega and tell them i want my money back for this bs i have to put up with.

Dude im glad I'm not the only one, made a thread about this exact problem the other day and still no response.

Same problem here

Hi all. Would you be able to attempt to access the same function on another internet browser? Trying to trouble-shoot this.

@GM-Deynger Yep, i'm tryed a lot of browser's but i had same result

Okay, thank you for letting us know. We'll investigate the problem.