how relevant is pso2 crafting is going to stay when NGS comes out. Iḿ thinking of buying crafting lines and other craft equipment but kinda scared that is going to be a waste of money , that is gonna lose its importance when NGS comes out.

We do not know. They haven't stated anything about crafting.

That being said, we still can make some guess. Firstly, if crafting system existed on NGS, then our current craft achievements of PSO2 would be most likely considered as a character growth feature, and wouldn't be carried over to NGS.

Then, the current crafting system of PSO2 is rather a failure, I guess they won't replicate the same system on NGS. If they are going to make an equivalent of crafting in NGS, they'll do it in some different way. Maybe the fact they haven't commented on crafting yet means that they haven't come to a conclusion about crafting on NGS (including whether to implement crafting or not).

@Fiona-Respha Yeah, there's isnt any info about crafting so my guess is that buying the equipment its really a wwaste of money/gems.

Thanks for the reply.