Non-treatable Consumables should be account wide When used

I know it’s a bit of a stretch but I would like to see the non-tradable non-sellable consumables i.e. fashion accessories or cosmetics to be account wide instead of having a collect two of them, yes I understand that the game needs to make the money but some of these can be gotten with SG which can be gotten within the game and seeing that they’re not treatable or sellable it could be kind of a pain to collect two of the same type, just a thought

YES THANK YOU! I just created another character just recently. Being super excited since I just used the eye patch and finally saved up enough SGs for the Pop singer outfit I wanted to let me female character use it. Low an behold none of what I got from the fresh store or the scratch tickets transfered over. SUPER MAD. I can't keep buying AC or SG or saving up a ton of miseta just to REBUY these fashion items AGAIN. If the game would of gave a breif explanation of this the first time you use a fashion item then cool. Bit it didn't. So please make all of our fashion items account wide an not character locked. Thanks! 🙏🏾

When you go to use a fashion item it pops up a window that says using this will bind it to this character using the same ticket will make it available to all characters on the account

Tho I agree with you I wish the fashion stuff you have to use went to all characters just like lobby actions(emotes), at lest do the ones that are part of the mission pass account wide seeing that we can trade them anymore

@SaviorZero82 yeah now that you mention it I did read that once. Guess I just kept spamming the USE button afterwards. Guess you live an you learn huh? Thanks I appreciate the words. Just needed to vent I guess lol.

@BadMan-Grinch np it happens, I have missed stuff to, but I still agree with you 100% I wish they could all be account wide when used