[SHIP 1: FEOH] Geek Squad Recruiting!

What’s up homies!

Geek Squad is currently looking for active ARKs Operatives who enjoy communicating, grinding, and chillaxing!

We Ranked 1st Place in the Alliance Latest Rankings (you can view via Visiphone)

Our Main Alliance Geek Squad is Currently Ranked #1 for this season!

Our Sister Alliance Geek Squad INC. is Currently Ranked #17 for this season!

We have a professionally organized Discord Nitro Server (voice comms included) and many guides and tips for new and veteran players to check out!

We host Casino Nights, 12-Man Urgent Quest/Explorations/Ultis/Triggers, Fashion Shows, and AC Raffle Events WEEKLY

I am reaching out to all skill levels & experiences to see if anyone was interested in building with us to continue to make Geek Squad amazing!

(Geek Squad Currently has 86/100 slots) We accept Small & Big Groups; we plan to review the current inactives.

If you are interested please Comment Below, DM me, or contact any of these players below:

Main Alliance (Competitive Grind) PNID: KFC (Colonel Sanders/KFC) PNID: Bestminidude (Green FearCat) PNID: Ulzzang69 (Ulzzang69)

Sister Alliance (Casual Grind/Chill) PNID: LadyToothy (Papi Chulo) PNID: ElKarasuSan (Elise) PNID: Xodia (Xodia)


Gamertag: Mr EatsKFCalot PNID: KFC

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