Bouncer Rings

What are the best Skill Rings for Bouncer?

Left Ring

  • General: Kick and Tackle (L) [The Combo Ring of Jet Boots Combo Variant SC (L) and Soaring Blades Tackle (L)]
  • Jet Boots-specific: Jet Boots Ele. Preservation (L) [This is a secondary choice that really is just if you want to avoid losing your charged element when doing a standard Weapon Action dodge; mostly useful once we can slot Rings into 12☆ Units so it can be used at the same time as the above Ring]

Right Ring

  • Hunter sub: Critical Strike: Melee (R) [This gets Bouncer to a 100% Critical Rate with Stance Critical Skills and Critical Field, plus 3% Critical damage]
  • Fighter sub: Perfectionist: Melee (R) [Since Fighter can't use the Critical Strike Ring, this is the next best choice; 3% damage just for keeping your HP above 75%]

Some people might argue for Photon Blades Homing (L), but I personally find that the behavior change it creates is just not that great.

Also normal attack R is really goodness for bouncer, you can shortcut ring changes and swap in while your crit field is in cooldown, or just run it all the time if you prefer