Hololive Collaboration

Yea, that statement is due to Mano Aloe getting doxxed and harassed irl causing her to "graduate".

I don't think it's going to stop mass flagging on youtube which was assumed to have happened when Mio's video. We are still missing the majority of the archives from most of the Hololivers

The takedowns and copyright strikes were Cover's problem, Japan has very strict trademark laws, and Cover didn't bother striking deals to legally allow Hololive to play many of those games on stream. I'm no legal expert in Japanese law, but the system they use for trademark laws are a massive, tangled web.

I actually am not a fan of hololive, but would like to see this collaboration. The costumes are great, and overall I like the concept of vtubers in general. Some seem to be capable of singing as well so that may be a possibility.

@Moei It's actually more than just singing. Most of them have full blown 3D models and they are capable dancing in addition to singing. While it is easy to forget due to their shenanigans (crushing Yagoo's dream every day), they are actual idols.

Suisei's 3D debut: https://youtu.be/FZnG1t34wCs

I find them very compatible with the in-game concert for this reason. Many of them have already done similar things live. Sure they wouldn't be doing it live in PSO2, but this means that they are capable of doing their own motion capture work.

Ok, now I want Gawr Gura stuff. The Hololive EN group is awesome.

Nah... not really fan of Hololive..


@Fighter-Fairy But wait... Nanora is Himemori Luna's catch phrase.

@Lorient Yeah Hololive EN has taken off big time. They were all at 100k+ subs when they debuted and quickly reached 200k. Gura is approaching 400k.

Sad, Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato suspended 3 weeks due to internet outrage mob

So much for Cover standing up for their talents this time, completely bend the knee

@HarmlessSyan Yeah, when I heard about this I was a bit ticked off. We can thank Chinese propaganda, and brainwashing for the hate mob.

I'd love to see a Hololive collab! Bring Ai Kizuna, Gawr Gura, Calliope, Pekora and Amelia stuff!

And, Hololive CN is disbanded and Chinese netizen still hopping the great firewall to raid Coco and other Hololive member's stream chat. This is the power of internet mob, 6 vtubers loses their affiliation with Hololive

@HarmlessSyan I feel bad for any and all of those VTubers, as they got caught in the crosshairs of a bunch of lunatics, that have zero empathy, or compassion for other humans. People like that are bereft a soul, and their hearts have run cold. That's why I worry about China's Communist party. They have far too much wiggle room with their abuse of power over authority. I hope those Tubers in China find a way out of that situation, as I don't think it's safe for even citizens to have free thought there. And zero room for mistakes given their social economy.

It's even less likely, after the events of this year, that Hololive would ever be able to collab with SEGA on anything, as any business in China, would be hampered. Here's hoping they don't, as companies that would deal with companies within that country at this point, are of a concern to me as well, given that many of the companies found within China, have stockholders that are apart of said party, and all seem to have ulterior motives.

A collab was highly unlikely to begin with, at least at current, given the crunch time that the developers have to sadly deal with. As tough as I believe many of them are for having done as well as they have with such limited time frames in regards to content, an unplanned collaboration just doesn't seem like it'd work out. Maybe after New Genesis releases, but even then, given the state of things, it's still sadly not likely to be a thing.