Hololive Collaboration

Given how PSO2 has its concerts, a collaboration with Hololive could be rather appropriate. They are advertised as idols (even though they probably crush Yagoo's dream every day) and many of them do sing. It wouldn't also be the first collab they have done either; Hololive had a collaboration with Azur Lane in the past.


They have oversea fans as well, despite streaming in Japanese. A number of them have made the effort to try to learn English to communicate with more of their fans as well. They are also rising in popularity and hold some of the top Superchat earnings on Youtube.


Some other Hololive videos to look at:

The official Hololive website: https://en.hololive.tv/

+1 to this. I'd love a Hololive collab of some kind.

I like Hololive but I am going to be against this collaboration for the global server.

Just seeing how the global community reacted to some of the things from JP PSO2 that were removed I don't wish Hololive to be targeted by online trolls again. Especially their free talk sessions can cover quite controversial topics that I am afraid it may lead to targeted harassment. The recent copyright controversy that resulted most of their old videos being privated was suspected to be online trolls mass reporting their videos. It's been over a month and still the majority of their videos are privated https://hololive.jetri.co/#/status Other VTuber agencies and solo VTubers doing the same type of content did not have this problem.

@HarmlessSyan Isn't the same as saying that they should limit how popular they can get to avoid trolls; which essentially is letting the trolls win? It seems paradoxical to tell an idol to become popular but not too popular.

I really do believe that there can be a serious mutually beneficial relationship between Hololive and PSO2. I do believe that they very much appreciate their overseas fans and this would be a chance to grow that overseas fanbase.

Given how popular the konosuba collab was, I would think that the overall global community would be receptive of Hololive.

Benefit vs Risk factor, I don't think they will benefit all that much collaborating with an 8 year old game, maybe in NGS.

Of course they have a sizable oversea fans but seeing how easily people here on this forum can be triggered, it is an unnecessary risk. Difference between Konosuba or other collabs that global have confirmed is that these can't be cancelled. Ookami Mio is still currently on break due to the copyright strike limiting the streaming capability on her channel.

There's other games more suitable without part of the community that are repulsive to fanservice or any mention of "loli" - as they do quite a bit of those content.

@HarmlessSyan To be honest, I am looking more of this happening post NGS. I usually imagine collabs taking time to come to an agreement. Plus Sega is busy with NGS development.

Sure there are some forum people who would object, but I imagine the vast majority of the PSO2 population being very receptive when you consider the popular cosmetics. PSO2 is the second most popular MMO in Japan, right behind FFXIV, so there is a huge benefit to be gained here.

I feel like there is a lost opportunity here if this isn't looked at due to trolls. The in-game concert feature makes Hololive an incredibly good fit in my opinion.

If we're limiting what we do based on what cancel culture could "potentially" jump on, they've already won. That's not a good thing and I'm 100% against looking at anything that way.

I just don't see the point of taking the risk of dealing with this community when they are being targeted already. People here gets offended by everything - and VTubers have been repeatably demonetized in the past.

There's much better games suited for them out there, like today SEGA's announcement for their new mobile game and Fubuki simulcasted it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI8VCrgho7s much more risk free.

I'm for this. I seriously doubt a collaboration with Hololive will see much, if any backlash. I also agree this should be something considered for NGS but it would be nice to see a "cross generation" collab with both versions of the game simultaneously.

Hololive is a pretty good fit for games like PSO 2/NGS: Free advertisement, already have 3D models, can also do concerts and make for great potential cosmetic sales. I would literally shovel money if I could dress like Korone or Pekora.

@HarmlessSyan Well, if this is done post NGS, it will likely be around a year between now and then. Nijisanji has started taking preventive measures to protect their talents. So I am hoping that given a years time they would be able to solve the targeting issue.

If we end up fearing cancel culture so much, we are essentially admitting defeat to cancel culture and are saying that they can control us. I would like to have faith that humanity is better than that; that we'll properly protect and support people rather than let a few bad apples reign terror.

@Lemon-Sama I want to see Suisei go suisopath on some enemies. Her clothes are "cute today too."

Fubuki's new costume is also really nice, and fits in PSO2 pretty well in my opinion.

If they give me a Kiryu Coco outfit, I'll be happy.

So just today, Civia from Hololive China just made her debut on Youtube, planning on using the platform for English streams, which should give Hololive even more exposure in the west.

Civia's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNVXGlZIFK96XdEY20sVjg

@Lorient If I recall correctly, Coco once stated that around 50% of her viewers are from outside of Japan. She and Kanata were also made mods on the Hololive reddit as well I believe. So they definitely have overseas appeal.

Coco mentions on occasion she lived in the US. This is why she uses American style English.

@HarmlessSyan COVER has taken an official stance against the harassment of the HOLOLIVE members.


So the risk should be reduced even further and we don't have to worry about people trying to cancel them.

Poor Aloe T.T