All the crying about censoring those scenes is going to hurt the game

@Cikia I think it's inappropriate too.

I'm just saying any answer you have on why the scene is inappropriate will never really matter to these guys because one time it's natural, another time it's fiction, another time you're the weirdo, etc. And then once everything seems settled, someone gets pissed at you just because lol It's a weird spiral.

@ApollosAmour I just wish they would at least admit they're just into incest or shotas or lolis or whatever instead of pretending it's not weird.

@Cikia said in All the crying about censoring those scenes is going to hurt the game:

@ZorokiHanuke Yes, the game is getting more lewd and that's fine since they've marked it Mature. I think it's even more of a reason to censor things involving kids though, if the game was going to be like this. I'm sure the stuff people have drawn or written about Aru, Hitsugi, and Kohri are already very rated R. Sega doesn't have to encourage that if they have a choice for global release.

Yeah, game is fine for the times, it seems. As an older gamer tempered by the old times, I personally do not agree to it. But other than posting my disagreement of it or plain uninstalling and moving on, I can't do much else. But I strongly feel the game's setting and theme should have stayed solely about space mages fighting dragons and god-like beings. Not about sitting on giant bananas provocatively while wearing a nearly invisible string in a public lobby. It's also the apparent reason for the height limitation, which opened yet another can of worms.

As for the scene, I'm not part of that fight, really. I saw it on YT and it was pretty much average anime content. As lewd and wrong as it can be, it's already being normalized by yt anime memesters and other media outlets like Crunchy Roll. So yeah... Wrong? Yes. Already normalized past the Pacific? You bet. And sadly there's no reset button to get back our old morals for it.

@ZorokiHanuke That's why it's not bad Sega decided to censor it. Maybe they're trying to make it not so normal outside of Japan lol which I think is a good thing...

I just generally assume these are the same people who see Japan as their weeb haven. It is normalized in anime and manga so surely it must be okay to do these kind of things over there! NA just doesn't understand their "superior" tastes.

@Cikia Same. Some people were admitting it and I was like fine, that's cool. But then they started back-peddling and changing definitions on words and crying victim.

I honestly feel like the people that are alright with the changes aren't "pro-censorship" people, we just realize that changes have to be made sometimes and there's going to be some causalities. Then we get roped into this weird obsession with this specific content and nothing else and we end up arguing why shota and loli is weird to a western audience against some of the most backwards logic I've ever seen lol

Basically we're falling for some BS lol

@Cikia At least in that regard, I'm just like that king seeing his castle crumbling down, pelted by enemy cannonballs. I think I'm finally beginning to reject anime for what it has become. I mean, I try to watch anything new and I get stopped in my tracks by something I don't like. Usually an unnecessary lewd or skin/underwear revealing scene. Stuff keeps getting more and more disgusting for me to watch, and there really is little for me to watch as anime goes. I may need either recommendations of anything new that doesn't come with lewded high school (or younger) girls, or return to re-watch old anime for the good times.

@Cikia said in All the crying about censoring those scenes is going to hurt the game:

@Archetype-Luna But they're not siblings... All 3 of them have no blood relation and the fact that Kohri reacted in a lewd way when touched is what makes it even more cringe as if she liked being touched by a child. If a mother reacted that way while being touched by their child, that's even more disturbing, so I don't get the comparison here.

Hitsugi is technically Al's mother since he was the avatar she created. Al himself sees Hitsugi as his older sister and she's her as family. Furthermore Hitsugi calls out Kohri on her behavior multiple times.

And yes, it's a Japanese game with a Japanese story written by Japanese people, funded by a Japanese company that has a HUGE presence in other countries outside of Japan that I do not blame them for censoring some things that may be unacceptable outside of Japan. This is no different than a company protecting themselves ahead of time from controversial subjects. Stuff like "why is there no diversity?" "why are classes gender locked?" aren't even as big of problem as "why is there a naked child touching boobs?"

So as long as the company is small, it is fine for them to publish games like Senran Kagura in the west? I don't buy that at all. Crunchy Roll and Funimation distribute anime with far more sexual content throughout the world through their simulcasts. The game wouldn't suffer in anyway if it was uncensored.

I still don't get why people think it's okay on a global scale lol.

Because we do not see the scene as problematic in anyway. I don't have any sexual attraction to lolis or shotas; at most I find them cute in the same way I find some pokemon, such as eevee, to be cute.

People are WAAAAAAY too oversensitive about OTHER COUNTRIES culture...

While I agree if it is something that is physically/emotionally dehumanizing stuff should be called off, THIS ISN'T THE CASE AT ALL. If anything, it is just an anime skit that so many others did way worse and I see nobody complaining.

As I said before, for these people, seeing a girl in a bath towel is way worse than the same girl being literally stabbed through her guts with blood spraying by her back.

@Frost-Soar Blood and guts? You mean pink misama? lol There's multiple scenes where people die in similar ways in the game and there's scenes with near nudity as well. It's pretty obvious why this one scene stands out (and the other EP4 nude scenes if you wanna count those).

@ApollosAmour then you might get ready for the next episodes.

Also just because that is pink, don't hide the implications of what happened. In "Craig's" words, it is a minor being killed ONSCREEN by another minor

@Cikia said in All the crying about censoring those scenes is going to hurt the game:

@ApollosAmour I just wish they would at least admit they're just into incest or shotas or lolis or whatever instead of pretending it's not weird.

since we are playing the moral game

oh wait an old guy gets told from a 16 years old in a bikini to help her with the suncream...and hes saying hes going to burn if he does it....while it shows in that episode how both older guys are wanting to have something with her and fighting with their instincts to not get tempted into it

also showing jack while he is 13 i believe also in some sort of "fighting his instincts" cause hes out of his mind because of her "sexy body"

the character prudence is described as follows:


id call that the typical double standards...getting angry over a video game scene and calling everyone P who "wants the censorship to be gone" meanwhile tv shows like that who highly sexualize underaged girls (and boys) are okay and funny for the western might as well call everyone P whos watching two and a half men

this should just show how some people exaggerate and use the P word way too fast as these kind of scenes already exist in our most beloved sitcoms without being censored in any way

@Frost-Soar It's not something they're concerned about. If it did have blood and guts, it 100% would have seen some form of censorship I wager since horror and gore always come under fire, but it didn't. The cuts in EP4 seem specifically centered around the minor characters being nude/near nude, with the bath scene being cut entirely most likely for the sexual connotation combined with that. Other scenes like Kohri saying she'd do a "sexy dance" flew under the radar, most likely because there wasn't any visual depiction of her actually doing it.

So I mean we can pick apart what should be acceptable and what shouldn't, but at the end of the day, there's one specific sort of content that's been keyed in on when it comes to this. Comparing it to other things isn't going to change that it's still the focus.

Lol the number of comments for that video complaining about Anita Sarkeesian are hilarious (and telling)

I'm not going to discuss the bathing screne, as I don't have a strong opinion. I'll support leaving it in only because I don't see why it should be removed, this is an M rated game.

Though for height restrictions, I don't even play this game in a lewd way. I'm being punished because I like playing short characters and I want to be "cute." If anything I believe I'm being punished because the devs were too lazy to do something more specific, like disabling lewd outfits on short characters or something. Not that I'm a fan of that option, but wow do I feel cheated in this game. One of the only reasons I play this game over others is the character creation.