Easier Spam Bot Blacklisting - More Chat Blacklist Options - Blacklist Messages w/ Certain Words and Phrases

The title says it all. I wanna blacklist messages that contain certain letter combinations, words, or phrases.

Reason I want this is for the meseta Spam Bots that keep advertising their websites. I want to block any messages that contain any mention of their websites. Mainly "pso2ah-com", "mmoaa-com", "mtmmo-com", and "pso2meseta-com", along with any method of typing said sites like "T H I S" with spaces in between.

I'm pretty sure this would be helpful in other cases as well, like for people that (for example) don't wanna hear any racial slurs or certain "dirty words" in chat.

EDIT: This is how the idea would work.

Disregards CaSe SeNsItIvItY, so the word/phrase does not require exact capitalization to work. Keeps peeps from trying to bypass that way.

Works with "s p a c e s", in order to blacklist words that are spelled with spaces in between. Also helpful for blacklisting a "phrase" instead of just a single word.

Does NOT blacklist a word alone unless the "entire phrase" is said, if blacklisting more than one word at a time. For example, if you blacklisted the phrase "happy go lucky", it wouldn't blacklist just "happy" or "lucky" UNLESS the entire phrase "happy go lucky" is used in that order.

Optional: Disregard spaces in messages with the blacklisted phrase. For example, a spam bot changes its message from "pso2ah" to "p s o 2 a h". It would disregard any spaces in the later, and read BOTH as "pso2ah" regardless of what spaces it holds.

Reason this last part is optional.... It can be flawed if certain words make certain letter combinations. If someone blacklisted "shit", it could mistake a message that says "flash it" and accidentally blacklist a message that wasn't meant to be blocked. Some players might want the overprotection to avoid spam bots. But others may find it annoying if messages are being blocked without intention. I would suggest allowing a switch in the blacklist settings to let the player decide whether they need it or not, if this were to be added to it. Otherwise, you could always add to the blacklist if someone tries to bypass certain blacklisted words/phrases with spaces.

Thank you for sharing this idea! I'll pass it along to the team.

@GM-Deynger I'm surprised and hyped to hear that a PSO2 Staff Member actually found interest in my idea. I was honestly thinking it'd be skipped, due to me being so new to these forums. Lol

I'd love to hear how the other staff members think of this. Would be great news to me if they actually considered making my idea a reality. 💛

Meanwhile, I will put an EDIT in the post, explaining a bit further of what the new blacklist idea would look like if made real.