AC Scratch Deadline

I was wondering, is there an official statement that it has been extended to next year? Ingame it still says 09/09 and I am sitting on a free ticket. I naturally dont want it to expire because the scratch disappears, but i also dont want to use it as long as i have time scratching to get the last things i want. Because of the nature of outfit idleing, I cannot get more than one try a day...

Yeah it will be nice to see it go up in game, I dont trust shenanigans due to it expiring and being put up again.

@Yui2387 there is a official statement, they made it on Twitter and changed the date in the post of the site was changed too is only the date in the game that wasn't changed but probably will be in the next maintenance

@Jamesmor Thanks for the info, I appreciate that. I would still love to have a GM confirm it in this post if possible. Still I am relieved that theres at least something official on twitter that i missed.

Are you actually referring to the SG Scratch deadline, since as far as I know, that is the only one that was extended until next year?