server issues when connecting at the end of Urgent?

This is like the 1000000000th time I've been disconnected well everyone is loading into the loot part of the urgent after the boss kill, anyone else have this issue? (happens excessively if not EVERY TIME I have run Magatsu) It almost feels TOO convenient.. Not like it's the boss with the best loot in game or anything.

Do hackers kill switch peoples server connection? is that a thing or something? Ive killed Mags final form so many times now and have zero items to show for it.

only sometimes so far i would say i got avereage 10 disconects from the game while my inet connection was stable and only 1-2 times at the end of a urgent mostly earlyer like mid of urgent or mid of vhaq ect or even standing around in the lobby and that since i started the game end of may


Glad to hear im not alone, I debated not saying anything, though having killed Mags final form 5+ times only and not making it to one single loot screen has really pushed this situation over the edge for me. Hopefully Sega can address the stability issues while keeping people connected to the urgent, or a immediate re-connect option at least.

In my case on wifi, the game has been really picky with how solid my connection is. I used to get booted in the middle of UQs pretty often and one time I desynced during the second phase of the Profound Darkness fight and was stuck on the battle stage with nothing happening while everyone was running around grabbing pickups lol It sucks REALLY bad, but it cleared up one day out of nowhere. It was probably me, but Idk. All I can say is hang in there.

if you are suffering with DCs and unsync while others aren't is not SEGA and Microsoft fault that is related to your ISP and internet connection, if the quality of the connection is not good in moments that requires a constant transfer of data like in the UQ you can suffer a DC or a desync because of that also if you are using a wi-fi connection be aware that is less stable than a wired connection and will be affected by anything that is in the way of the router and the machine your are using.

I had suffered some DCs and desync before and when those happened I checked my ping and jitter to see how was the quality and in those times my connection was with bad quality in those moments.