So Easy to Bypass Bans

@JuggernautGTX Yeah, I made an edit. I understood what you were saying. I had to slow down. I used to be able to read, and comprehend what I was reading, a lot faster, back when I was a kid. I notice every year as I age, I lose a bit of that, as well as other skills. When I was eighteen, I played Halo Swat, and my reflexes were almost not human, but now I'm sloppy, and thus I stopped playing most fast paced shooters altogether. My hand eye coordination has also taken a hit, as I'm now clumsy. I'm only in my twenties, and I fear seeing what my forties and fifties will be like.

@Nuebot What's funny to me, is you didn't even try to deny the conclusion I came to about you, in stark contrast to the conclusion you reached about others in this forum. Neither assumption had a basis that can be proven, and yet you were the only one that's deflected that remark, instead of facing it head on.

You didn't have to mention anyone, because the only group you have been actively attacking on this forum, is quite frankly, anyone that wants censorship of any kind, to simply not exist. It's called using deductive reasoning.

Take your censorship garbage out of my thread, I don't want that garbage here, too. This is the whole damn issue with these forums, people who are against the censorship will try to weasel their feelings into other posts that have 0 relation.

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which you would understand if you'd actually read what was being said instead of picking out one key word or point and imagining the rest in your head. A point that you seem to continually fail at.

i wish those who accuse others of pedopilia on forum would actually read and stop imagining everything in their head


i dont see how this game shows pre pubescent children anywhere....i dont see how creating a small character makes it automatically a pre pubescent children - unless thats what the viewer of it imagines in his head....and if he does i would start to worry about him - not the person who created the short character in the first place

i doubt anybody on here has a doctor title and is entitled to attest pedophilia on others - accusing someone of it without any real reasons other than "wanting to create a short character" or "wanting to have the censorship of a scene thats supposed to be funny in the east lifted" is actually against law in germany i dont know about other countries...the accusation of pedophilia on innocent people and spreading lies about somebody on official sites (like this forum) can result in up to 5 years jail....not even joking

One would think you're in love with Luna with how much you defend her. Imagine thinking people need to have a "doctor title" to say someone is a pedophile or threatening that one can go up to 5 years in jail for saying it. You have some severe issues.

The main characters in Ep 4 are all underage and the people screaming against censorship just-so-happen to be upset because they put clothes on Al when he first appears [which, again, let me remind you he's underage and this is the global version, this is not Japan where there's a completely different culture], can't make small characters that resemble kids and are going berserk for BATHING scenes between the UNDERAGE characters, some of the scenes flatout including moments where some of the female characters [let me repeat they're underage] talk about their breast size and one tries to playfully grope the other.

Not really sure what else to think when people DEMAND that scenes like that are brought back when they don't really contribute anything.

Anyway, we're going off-topic here, let's try not to.

There's like 3 topics on the same old height/cutscene bullshit and some of them are dry. Take this there instead. lol

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There's like 3 topics on the same old height/cutscene bullshit and some of them are dry. Take this there instead. lol

Let's not forget it also spread to the Steam discussions for a long while and the Reddit.

At least in the reddit, people are beyond sick of hearing people talk about it.

@Ephemiel Yeah, not to derail again, but I've actually had a really pleasant time on the reddit surprisingly lol I usually save the things that make me happy in-game to post over there.

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Being civil to people on the forums is required, regardless of their opinion. You are free to disagree with it, but toxic or inflammatory language is against our forum policy. Being civil does not mean you or anyone condones the action, it is just manners.

There are ways to express yourself that do not include curse words, FYI.

Okay but here's a question: Why is it that curse words seem to be the limit of your definition of civility?

Quite comedic - but I assume you get the gist of it I'm certain. You might also recognize it in action in this very forums when one party presents their heinous beliefs as being absolutely fine and rational, but those who disagree are simply being mean spirited, harassing trolls. This has led to what I believe is craig's issue at hand, here. In a previous topic a poster expressed transphobic beliefs and doubled down on them - sparking some rather justified irritation from the user in question who was promptly banned for saying "toxic or inflammatory language".

Some time after that the transphobic user was, too. His ban, however, was completely temporary and he was allowed to return to the forums within a day. Craig was not unbanned in a similar manner. You have, perhaps unknowingly, set a precedent wherein hate speech is weighted less in terms of punishment than calling someone a naughty word. In fact - people can admit to being pedophiles on this very forum, but calling them earns you more of a punishment than the person who openly admits a sexual attraction to minors.

I bring this up not to question you, as a person, your morals or your ethics - or even your job as the GM on these forums. But rather what appears to be a forum-wide question of how and why the rules are enforced and who they're enforced upon, and why. If it's a question of toxic behavior and inflammatory language; why aren't all posts that insult and harass other users given as much weight as the ones that use curse words? Why aren't harassing private messages given any kind of attention at all - in fact why isn't there any way to report someone who sends you a private message on these forums - and why have you allowed an entire subculture to grow on these forums wherein people are publicly blacklisted and openly mocked from behind that block and their forums enemies get to brag about reporting them and their subsequent punishments.

You talk about not wanting toxicity on these forums but in your effort to take out the bad man who said bad words you've completely ignored the most toxic elements of these forums and gone above and beyond to protect them and look past their actions and offenses. That's pretty messed up, dawg. It's also incredibly unfair.

1.) You have no idea how many times that user had been reported previously, nor do you know how many times the other person had been reported. We have an escalating system of bans. It's not "one and done you're perma-banned." It is temporary bans that increase in duration until perma-ban. If you knew these two things, you would not have an argument.

2.) We are rational beings who read posts and can determine if something is criminal or hostile without using curse words. All that is needed is a "I disagree" from parties who disagree. You can state why you disagree, but there is never a need to attack the other individual, as it really accomplishes nothing. Verbally attacking someone does not make them change their opinions, and it can actually enforce them if they perceive the other side to be associated with this aggressive behavior.

3.) The point you bring up about reporting private messages is solid, and I'll bring it up with the rest of the team.

4.) Everything is in the Terms of Service, as well as the Community Guidelines, and can be found here: and here:

Some violations weigh more heavily against users than others do, and that is factored into a formula used to determine a point total. When the points add up to certain totals, actions are taken, whether it's a 24 hour ban or 1 week ban, etc. up to perma-ban.

I am not going to engage in a back-and-forth on the merits of our system, but I will tell you our system IS fair.

@GM-Deynger Thanks for taking the suggestion on DM reports. I've heard about some problems there as well so it will be really helpful to have.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Why are people's post here getting deleted and then banned? Seems like OP is right.

Because that user had been banned on another account. He is now IP banned.

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Because that user had been banned on another account. He is now IP banned.

What is an IP ban going to do in an age where VPNs, hotspots, etc exist? Maybe you should just ban their in-game account instead

We may go there, if we need to. Regardless, this issue has been raised, and further discussion is not necessary. Closing thread.