So Easy to Bypass Bans

I don't think our actions on the forum would warrant a game ban unless we were discussing doing things that broke the rules in-game. Hurling insults at each other on the boards is a very minor issue, so that's why I think ban evasion isn't the highest concern. It's more of a deterrent for those who would continue to do it without being banned and a lesson for those who wish to come back.

The best thing I can suggest is if you know of someone who has evaded a ban that you do not like, just block them. To be fair too, the majority of those I've seen banned are people that got in heated arguments on in-game suggestions threads, which is still a relatively minor thing. We're not talking about users issuing death threats or sending viruses or spamming shocking images and videos or anything of that nature.

@ApollosAmour Part of it is that a number of people were banned for attempting to incite others for the purpose of closing threads. Making it so that they can just make a new account and keep doing it effectively means there is no punishment and gives them free reign to avoid any rules as they can just make a new account if they are banned. Ban evasion should not be seen as a minor thing, it undermines the enforcement of the rules.

Sounds like one of the banned trolls came running back.

@IAMCRAIG-0 said in So Easy to Bypass Bans:

e a certain other person with no reply, I just logged in with my steam account instead with 0 hassle (I found about this a day after my ban, but was willing to be respectful enough to wait a week for a response before trying to post). Also if you take a look around, it looks like the GM's haven't posted anything for a week now and have banned maybe one other person in the meantime I think? Sounds like some of them may have gotten the boot after how they handled the thread I got banned in. (Banning someone for cursing out another user for making transphobic remarks is a bad look it turns out!)

Also, no one got the boot. And we are watching, we just refrain from over-modding. Constructive criticism/opinions are always welcome. Inflammatory ones are not, however. Cursing anyone out is a no no.

@GM-Deynger said in So Easy to Bypass Bans:

Cursing anyone out is a no no.

I have to disagree on that point. What was said about trans people more than warranted what I said at the time and was handled incredibly poorly.

Being civil to people on the forums is required, regardless of their opinion. You are free to disagree with it, but toxic or inflammatory language is against our forum policy. Being civil does not mean you or anyone condones the action, it is just manners.

There are ways to express yourself that do not include curse words, FYI.

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@GM-Deynger question cause it is not mentioned in community guidelines (or i missed to read it)....are people allowed to create new accounts even tho they got perma banned before or is it against it? ... also apology i myself get carried away in heated discussions sometimes but i try to stay as civil as possible

@GM-Deynger We appreciate GMs' work moderating the forums, trying to keep the discussions as civil as possible. However the problem still lies that the people who were banned can just make another account and come back to poison the discussions over and over again as stated by the OP. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this.

Only example I can think of is what Square-Enix have done with their official forums - by tying their in game account to the forums. You have a post limit under certain character level and must have an active subscription to post (this obviously can't be applied to a f2p game)

Now that this issue has been raised, we'll be addressing it.

@GM-Deynger Please do. I and others will really appreciate any work towards that. But I know and tell others that it's not an easy task. With so many ways out there to circumvent things (I won't mention them and I encourage you to stay away from those because some are traps made to steal your personal info), bad actors can try to come back again and again. BUT, usually these new restrictions prevent the more basic actors from ever trying. So it's still a win for the forum to some extent.

Alot of the bans have been targeted at users who have been going into the censorship topics and calling everyone the P-Word. But now I wonder if its just one really.. really pissed off guy who just keeps coming back with a new account to continue where he left off lol.