Upgrade to +35 Campaign...but I cannot upgrade higher than 30?

So I started going for this, I have a 13 star Ray Jet Boots that I've ugpraded to 30, and they are not going higher. Is this intended? If so, does it mean I have to go with something else? Also, purchased with WB2s if that helps.

Weapons that come from NPC shops can only go to +30 unless you feed it more of the same weapon.

Dropped weapons can go to +35 without doing this step.

The best option is probably to get a +30 Revolsio from the Collection File (check for whichever one is cheapest on the Player Shops), then buy a copy of it from the Personal Shops that was from a drop (so it will have a +35 grind cap; you can check on the second tab of the item info); if you feed the one you bought from the Personal Shops to the +30 one from the Collection File, it will raise the grind cap of the +30, and then you just need a few 12*s to finish the enhancement from +31 to +35.

If you have a bunch of Rising Badge 2s you're willing to burn, if you buy more Ray Jet Boots from the vendor and feed those to your current Ray Jet Boots, it should raise the cap. But I think that just raises it by 1, so you'll need to feed 5 Ray Jet Boots to it that way to get the cap on your current boots to 35. It might be a bit wasteful, but depending on how hard you went on the July 4th event, you might have a ton of Rising 2s anyway.

Grinding one Ray weapon to 35 is probably useful anyway, because at 35 it gets the Astral Soul augment factor that you could throw onto a better weapon in the future.

@AndrlCh Okay, so I buy one of the same weapon as the +30 I got from the collection and feed it to the +30, it unlocks the cap? That's good to know.

@Wolf-Moonstar Yep, pretty much. As long as it is not another +30 of it (and thus from the Collection File), it should have its cap unlocked, and feeding it to your +30 will pass along its unlocked cap.

Ur doing it all wrong. Get a Gix!!! It’s so easy to just buy a Gix for 200k and making that 35+ EZ.

Plus later on you can use it’s Aug factor later on for a better weapon.

Usually, I like to upgrade "Other" weapons that I will use for major upgrades:

This is just used as an example nothing more.

Upgrade your favorite Rifle to +35

For this part you it really depends if you are just going all out , Or if your are specifically upgrading a weapon to its maximum allowable level. Which weapon exactly? Well that depends on your own preference. So, for the sake of this example, Let's just say you happen to get a Sweet rare drop in one of your runs and you like the weapon so much that you want to get the most out of it. Now obviously, this weapon type may or may not use Lambda Grinders, if it does , Then read my example just below this one.


Keep in mind that info on most weapons only say that that maximum level is +30, but - like it was mentioned before you can go past that. To do so, YOU MUST add the SAME TYPE of weapon from the very start, Once you get to +30 you will have the option to go to +35


In this version you can still upgrade that weapon to +35 , Except - Now you need Lambda grinders. In this case the upgrade are very very slow, but there is a way around this, especially IF you dont have a good stock of these grinders. You will still need to "ADD" the same weapon type for the maximum upgrade, so just upgrade a Regular Grinder weapon to +20 and add it to your LAMBDA upgrade, it will allow you to upgrade much faster and still be able to get to +35

Where to get more of the same Weapon in a Moments notice

Look into your inventory and if you have a Mass stock of Photon booster drops ( Most players do), you can exchange them for weapons that you need for upgrades on the 2 floor left side of the shopping district.

I hope that this will be of great help to you .


If you are using the Collection File method I mentioned, the total cost is basically just 2 Lambda Grinders and 200k meseta + the cost of the Revolsio from the Personal Shops, with the only constraint being the time it takes to complete the Files (though if Elder pops up, it is super easy to complete them).

Example: I get a Revolsio Soaring Blade +30 and Revolsio Sword +30 from the Collection File, then I check and see that the Soaring Blades are cheaper on the market and I buy a +3 SB for say, 550k meseta. I then go to enhance, and feed the +3 SB to the +30, and it raises the cap to 35 for 1 Lambda and 100k meseta; then despite the fact that it is overkill in terms of EXP, I use the +30 Sword to enhance the SBs from +30 to +35 for 1 Lambda and 100k meseta.

Getting as many +30 Revolsios from the Collection File as possible is just a good idea overall since they make great enhancement fodder, even once we get 14☆ and 15☆s, so that means that you can also try and see if it is cheaper to buy a different 13☆ from the Personal Shops to use, like the aforementioned Gix; in this case, the cost could be 4 Lambda Grinders, 12 Photon Spheres, and ~400k meseta (I always forget the cost of potential unlocking) + the cost of the other 13☆ (assuming the other 13☆ is only +0 ~ +5).

@Vashzaron I thought this was true but I'm pretty sure you can't buy the Precious Sword Balmung from an NPC shop, and yet when I bought it from the player shops it wouldn't let me go past 30 enhancement. It's actually a wand that's supposed to drop from Extreme Training: Tundra & Automata.

@Demilune said in Upgrade to +35 Campaign...but I cannot upgrade higher than 30?:

@Vashzaron I thought this was true but I'm pretty sure you can't buy the Precious Sword Balmung from an NPC shop, and yet when I bought it from the player shops it wouldn't let me go past 30 enhancement. It's actually a wand that's supposed to drop from Extreme Training: Tundra & Automata.

Looking at extreme drop rares, it seems they all have 30 cap too, so I guess that is true.

Maybe useful info. Item details have three tabs. We can cycle through these by pressing the button shown as Details on the guide. On the second tab, we can check out the enhancement cap. If this is 35, we can enhance the weapon to the maximum right away.


@Demilune @Vashzaron Dropped weapons of rarity 13 or higher are guaranteed to have an enhancement cap of 35. Rarity 12 or lower weapons basically drop with enhancement cap of 30.

EDIT: after rereading my post, I felt I needed to change it a bit. Dropped 13+ weapons always having a cap of 35 is true in JP, but I'm not completely sure if that's also true in global too. In JP, there was a specific update to do this and global seems to have inherited the update, so basically all 13+ drop will have the 35 cap in global too. But if they add something on a global specific event, I fear there might be some accident. We all know what happened on fresh finds... 😢