[SHIP 1] Arkadia - Fresh Alliance looking for ppl to grow together, Looking for trusted officers as well!

Name: Arkadia

Leader: Elysian

Manager(s): Currently None (Looking for active officers)

Type (Casual, Semi Casual, Serious): Semi-Casual/Serious

Active Timezone(s): 8AM EST-12AM EST

Alliance Requirements: Just be active/Use discord, LGBTQ Friendly, Racism/Homophobia isn't tolerated, outside of that, have thick skin and joke around.

Alliance Description: ---Arkadia is a new alliance started for those who dont care to or have the time/patience to do the requirements of "top" alliances, wanna start fresh? wanna make new friends? Don't wanna be a provisional statistic from day 1? Come help Arkadia grow and actually find people to play with instead of just being a random guy/girl in an alliance of friends/cliques. The alliance is FRESHLY made, so it will be growing from the ground up. Do you wanna get in on the ground floor and be a part of the growth? Message me for an invite! Please keep in mind this alliance is NEW, so it will be growing from scratch.

Discord: https://discord.gg/8nDDQ8m -- @ me in the welcome channel! Elysian#5962

Are you a smaller alliance maybe wanting to merge into me? (I left a top alliance to make my own, so no interest in merging into someone else) I'm on 24/7, I have the time to invest into keeping everything in order. msg me to talk about that too!

This post is deleted!

Still recruiting members!

we are always active someone is almost always on we are small put are growing

Still recruiting! Hop in discord!

Still recruiting, bump