Help, extra damages question

Hello ! I play force, anyone know why sometimes I do 6000 damage and other times, on the same monster, with the same attack I do 11000 damage? I can't understand, thank you

Damage has variance (ie. a minimum and maximum value). When you are using a 7☆+ weapon, that variance is ~10%, but there are other factors that can effect your damage, such as the location of the hit (for example, one part of an enemy's body may have higher defense/resistance than another) and your Critical Hit Rate (a 100% Critical Hit Rate means that you always hit maximum damage).

My criticals are 6300 (cyan color), but sometimes I do 11000, so it is not critical damage. Is it because I don't touch the same part of the monster?

@Lillyth_FR Yep, odds are your 11000s are on a part that takes more damage (like a core or headshot).

Oh ok thanks I will target weak part more often 🙂