Will we merg with the jp players.

With pso2 being global, is there any plans of merging everyplayer together. I personally love the idea that millions will be on at any given time

I don't really see that happening. Even if we merge, we'll still be on our own ships, so there's little point to it beyond being able to transfer ships.

I'd be fine if NA content gets synchronized with JP, but it all depends on whether the JP side wants to wait for localization to finish before pushing new content.

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With pso2 being global, is there any plans of merging everyplayer together. I personally love the idea that millions will be on at any given time


@overfiend78 It's not going to happen, not only JP has cosmetics and items (including weapons) that are not going to be released in the global version, JP also is available on different platforms (PS4 and a cloud/streaming Switch version, also they don't have the XBox version).

Though, it seems like once the global version catches up, the main content will be released at the same time (though, I expect for that to not apply to events, since some events will be different between regions).

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Though, it seems like once the global version catches up, the main content will be released at the same time

I doubt even that.

@Vashzaron Unfortunately I can't cite the actual source, but if I remember right, long long time ago (in spring, I guess), one of the GM commented that they have a goal of having NA catch up JP within this year and after that syncing the updates between NA and JP. At that time I thought it as a quite ambitious plan, but after all things is going not far from that plan.

So I personally think that the synchronized updates might happen, after global server got the whole EP6 contents.

I think it really depends on the localization team. If it's a stable team with good business continuity, then there's every business reason for a syncced global release for new content. But if the localization team has resource shortages or are unreliable, we may very well see JP going ahead without NA.

Whether NA catches up to EP6 by the end of the year is probably the litmus test. If they cannot catch up, there's little reason to believe they are prepared enough to handle syncced releases with JP.

FFXIV does global releases, and they localize into more languages than English, I think? Although I also do think they have an in-house localization team, making things a lot easier. If PSO2 NA is working with contracted translators, or worse, even with language service brokers, then I would cast more doubt on their ability to keep up.

@overfiend78 , I wouldn't count on it. There's lots of Free-to-Play MMOs/Online Games with a 'Global Version' but which still have separate independent versions for specific regions... what Global's come to mean nowadays when it comes to game releases is more along the lines of "available in the most number of regions". As for the reason why, there's several factors really:

  • Differences in Infrastructure and Service as the Global version runs on MS Azure while the JP version runs using a traditional server-hosting structure. Aside from that you also have things like the SEGA ID system the Japanese version uses being... well a Japanese exclusive service which had been phased out in the Global version completely.

  • Differences in Content which... is pretty self explanatory. There's of course the fact that Global's not expected to get ALL the collaborations which JP has with a recent interview outright confirming that those based on real life brands which the JP version had like 7 Eleven will just not be happening at all.

@kztm FFXIV is the gold standard when it comes to Global Releases and games released in that manner are quite rare... the system which FFXIV operates by is one they had setup since the game was in development and during release... not a late merger of the player-bases. So compared to FFXIV's management which has the international management team be a part of the game's dev team and interact regularly with them... PSO2 relies on a middle-man approach;

  • Sega of Japan runs the Japanese version AND the Global version themselves. In the case of the latter, they manage all aspects of it including Patches, Content, Server Parameters, and so on.
  • Sega of Japan has their own Customer Support and Community Team for interacting with Japanese players but they don't have the same for interacting with players outside of Japan as they usually never needed to have one (thats what Sega of America and Sega Europe are for but neither is equipped or experienced in handling Customer Support and Community Management for a game on the same scope as PSO2). As a result, they have a separate hire who's responsibility is facilitating Community Management and Customer Support; the latter relying on them communicating and awaiting response from the Japanese team if the issue can't be troubleshoot easily.
  • Localization's outsourced completely to a different firm, Lionbridge Technologies. The current Localization practice had been to have as much localized beforehand given that most of the content are things which already exist in the Japanese version. We can't say for sure how they'll handle things once we catch up though the recent NGS footage does show signs that localization's already being done as the expansion's developed.

No. They literally told us why they didn't in the latest interview with polygon: https://www.polygon.com/interviews/2020/8/30/21406035/how-sega-took-eight-years-to-bring-phantasy-star-online-2-west

People saying the JP and NA won't launch at the same time are wrong. It was stated on the Japanese site. "Since "PSO2: NGS" is planned to be deployed on a global scale, including Japan and North America, we announced it at the Microsoft online conference "Xbox Games Showcase"." http://pso2.jp/players/news/26483/?page=4

I hope not I do not want interaction with jap players, a lot of them are tryhards that claim they are vets but know very little about the game.

@Machenta19 not all..and most of the feeling vet are coming from global community..jp player are strict on there server as i see..unlike in the global all i see is the event happen way back on the sea server...and using the word JAP on the server will issue you a ban..like using the "N" word.