What are you going to do for open beta?

I plan on absolutely no life the heck out of PSO2 hopefully all ships are open and we have the premium currency available. This may be a little evil on my part but my Xbox friends I plan to surpass every one of them that abandoned made there in the CBT it doesn't hurt for good old Devmen to get a laugh in their face every once in awhile XD

Work and play PSO2. That's the only plan for awhile. Keep up with my D&D sessions on Monday's and Tuesday while also somehow sleeping enough for all of it.

Hit the AC shop if it's up for a point reset and an extra skill tree thing so I can swap. Battle pass if its up! and then just roam around leveling =p

Hit 75 on my main an sub classes, work on my mag an power level some friends

Well, considering I took off the weekend of that week (for DOOM and Animal Crossing), I'm going to start buy all the snacks and stuff I need so I can leave the house as little as possible. Too bad I'll have to take breaks to go to work once in a while during the week.

I'm not sure yet because I'll still be playing JP. I might just do EQs in JP and do more time in NA. But I want to finish skipping through the story cut scenes for the SG, do some gathering to make rings and lvl those up. Start lvling up every class hopefully atleast to 30. There will be a lot to do

I'll be mostly focusing on Alliance things for a while in the start. Then I'll be working on getting crafting titles all completed so I will be ready to help others with extending or other crafting needs.

Probably trying to find tje best pairing for NPCs to see who ships the best. I'm thinking of writing fanfic for Alvin and Coffe where they get married.

Hoping to grind other classes to 75 and get the class boosts out of the way, then make alts to grind to 50 for weekly bonuses. Hopefully they'll have some of the better advance quests out by OBT, spamming forest AQ on its own made for a bit slower of a 75 in the CBT than it could have been if we had something like city AQ.

I have to work, but planning on getting as much time in as possible. I am hoping the shop is open.

All great things indeed best of luck to everyone

Going to try and finish the story depending on how much I had left from CBT.

Then maybe try and hit max level after that.

Then on the 20th attempt to balance PSO2, Doom, and Animal Crossing.

first task is to hit lvl 75 within 10 to 18 hours as soon as OBT drops, get mag to max lvl, continue to finish skill builds for main/sub classes, and a few other things as well. soooo can't wait for this lol!

Get all 30 characters to lvl 50 before official release. That is if the OBT is a soft launch. But, basically, trying to lvl as much alts to lvl 50. I could care less for lvl 75.

Level to 50 and then maybe level to 75. Depends on what im feeling.