Can the game remember where we logged out?

Specifically, can the game put us back in our personal room, if we logged out in our personal room, so I don't have to see the RMT spamming in my face every time I log in?

It's getting old. I'm getting tired of this blacklisting routine. If you won't do something about the RMT spam, at least give us options to avoid it completely? 🙂

It only remembers your location when logging out if it is in the ARKs Ship. It will not remember the location if you are in your Personal Quarters, Alliance Quarters, or on a mission.

Yes, that's why I wrote this suggestion. 🙂

I assume not remembering the personal room has to do with premium sub. If you logged out on a prem only room and the sub ran out, would the game spawn you back in that room when logging again? Perhaps it would be possible to remember it AND make it spawn you into the lobby only when it detects the prem sub is gone. Coding that could be easy or difficult depending on what would need to be done.

As a workaround, I'm logging off at the stairs near the salon. Usually calm place with less rmt spammers. Another thing with Personal room is that it reduces the max camera zoom, even after logging out and in with another character, so I'm now also used to press the + sign on my numpad to get the correct zoom.

@Ragnawind said in Can the game remember where we logged out?:

or on a mission.

The reasoning for this is because missions are unloaded from the server when all players are no longer present.

I would just pick a part of the ship each time where bots don't tend to go, like next to Jan in the shopping area.

And just so you know, you can AFK indefinitely, like FFXIV. Even during any non-timed mission/quest.