Making cosmetic items tradable only once?

I'm not even sure if this is good for the game's economy, but I believe it is good for a lot of players who don't want to bother with playing the market to make money, but just want to go out on quests, play with friends, etc.

The idea is that if cosmetic items become bound to the account once it is bought off the player shops, then it is impossible to resell it at a profit, and that eliminates all artificial demand created by people who buy low and sell high.

The debate point is probably "should playing the market as a 'content' of this game, be considered equally important to the game as letting more people have access to cosmetics?"

I would like to argue that purely playing the market, i.e. buy-low-sell-high harms the game as it only contributes to inflation, without adding any value to the market. No new items are injected into the market, merely the same items now selling at a much higher price.

I would even suggest gear items to also get a similar treatment, with an additional caveat that adding or changing augments (with the resulting number of augments at least equal to the original) will restore the tradeable flag. This keeps the augment market alive but again eliminates pure market traders from the game.

What does pure market trading bring to the game, really? Besides satisfying only the market traders. Anything traders buy and resell would mean it already has a market, so the items would have been sold without the traders anyways. Any item that are too highly priced or that are not in demand will not be sold anyways, as traders aren't going to buy them either.

All that traders bring to the game, is to artificially inflate prices on the market to the benefit of the trader only.

One could argue that other players now also get to sell items at a higher price. But where is the need to sell items at such a high price, if other item prices aren't jacked up so high by speculation or manipulation? I only need to sell that Nemesis at 30 million because other things I want are selling at 10-20 million. But if those items I want are instead selling at 2-5 million, then my Nemesis fetching only 8 million would allow me to buy the same items.

If anything, lower prices across the board mean that my loot now has a wider market and sells quicker, as more people are able to afford it.

Or, one could argue that outfits can be sold once you're bored of it. But in reality, how many people have actually sold old outfits? Outfits are the only applicable argument here because everything else are consumed upon use, and if you haven't used it, then you are speculating and a trader. Are there enough people actually selling used outfits to outweigh the benefits of eliminating traders?

Or, maybe restoring the tradeable flag once the SG has been claimed from the outfit would solve the problem?

In any case, inflation in inevitable as there are no subsistence requirements in this game. But allowing artificial inflation is a different matter. I would argue that a healthy market can form and persist if pure traders are eliminated.

I'm not an economist, so I am open to constructive criticism. Please explain and elaborate if you are going to point out my flaws. A short "lol it's not that easy" is not constructive. 🙂

I've seen this idea mentioned before a couple of times and I see no problem with it really. The game has a system for this kind of thing already as well if you buy 13* weapon it becomes locked to your account. (You can unlock it using an item but just don't allow usage of it for this.)

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A lot of these can be bought because they are the only way to "store" money in a game. In real life you put money in a bank and it accumulates interest over time. In pso2 I buy an expensive outfit or ticket because I know it will at least track with inflation.

Inflation will happen as long as there are quests that add constantly more meseta into the game. Just as if in real life the money printers are turned on.

On the supply side, outfits not being retradable would decrease supply over time. Increasing the price of all outfits on the resell market.

I'm unsure how this would effect the prices of these items on day 1 though. I expect if ac scratchers had less demand, due to these being untradable, then the price would go down.

Overall though this would severely hurt non-ac scratchers as they wouldn't be able to share in the profits of the ac-scratchers.

I'm personally not a fan of weapons/augments though, as they tend to deprecciate over time. Anyone not selling those right away just thinks someone else is under charging. This market is pretty much controlled by people who just want the latest and greatest.

Also, I joined during steam launch, and an currently grinding for an item that was available only during initial Xbox release. If reselling want a thing, it would probably be impossible for me to get this item at this point.

outfits not being retradable would decrease supply over time

I'm a little doubtful on the extent of the decrease here. Wouldn't a lot of players simply most if not all of the outfits they want, and sell off what they don't want? And the same already happens with hairstyles, basewear, innerwear and accessories, which are consumed upon use.

Overall though this would severely hurt non-ac scratchers as they wouldn't be able to share in the profits of the ac-scratchers.

This is what I don't think will happen. If prices are lower across the board, there's no need for anyone to obtain that much wealth anyways, and it actually amplifies the purchasing power of non-AC players because their fixed income from dailies and weeklies now have higher purchasing power.

And if they really want to make a profit without going out on quests, there's still weapons and units. Although I also suggest that they only become treadeable if one enhances it in some way.

What exactly do you mean by "sharing in the profits of the AC scratchers"? By buying and reselling? That means they are a traader by definition, and thus add nothing to the market except harming other players who actually want to use the item, by artificailly raising the prices.

Tradeable once is different to untreadable. AC scratchers can still hold onto stock they scratched themselves, and sell it at a later date. The most immediate effect is that demand becomes much lower, so everything will be selling at much lower prices. But all of these demand will be real demand, i.e. people who actually want to use those items.

I also joined on Steam launch, so I know you bring up a good point regarding old AC items. Which is why I also proposed that an Outfit becomes treadable for one time again, once its SG has been claimed. If once is not enough, it could be made so that after SG is claimed, the outfit still accumulates affinity, but it takes one month to fill, and the treadable flag is restored upon full affinity. This allows second-hand outfits to come back to the market, but creates a big obstacle for traders.

The whole idea about this is to eliminate the traders from the market, who doesn't actually bring any benefit to the system, only acts to the harm of everyone else.

i actually agree to this...making AC scratch items tradeable only once helps newer players to not having to buy items at skyhigh prices from whatever reseller who bought off all of the cheap ones and keeps them in bank forever until the scratch is over and theres no way to get them but from him

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Won't ever happen though- it would lower the price of cosmetics vastly and thus lower incentive to purchase them with real money. Hurting the business model. Only reason why it doesn't exist already... There are more whales who buy cosmetics hoping to cash them in or hold them to cash them in later- than ones that buy them to wear/use.

It's a capitalist market. You as the buyer control that market with your pocket book. If players can't curtail their spending habits, then of course prices are going to keep going up. I never spend more than ten mill meseta on an item I want for that reason alone. A high supply, and a low demand, usually causes the prices to drop. Look at some of the 13 star weapons for instance.

@MoldyAsp33874 said in Making cosmetic items tradable only once?:

thus lower incentive to purchase them with real money

You have a very good point there. Really good point. 😞