Can someone help me make AL from episode 4

Hi, I would like to copy Al's design, the clothes and the hairstyle were easy to find, but I can't find the iris pattern, the eyebrows and the eyelashes, could you help me please (>°-°)>


You can't right now, at least the eyes.

alt text

イラスト風瞳 Illustration Style Eyes

Unless I've been blind, not released yet on this server.

Hi, hi!

I think someone at reddit answered your prayers.

NPC Character Files from EP1-4.

I checked and Al's there. You'll have to wait for some of his stuff to be on scratch or market, but you can just use something else until then. A similar hair and eyes or something. But at least you have the basic model! Once you get the Al hair and eyes and stuff you can just go to the salon and put them on. You don't pay for changing hairstyles or eyes/eyelashes/eyebrows and some other stuff.

Good luck~

EDIT: Just noticed this is like a month old... Sorry oof. But uh... Better late than never? . -.;

Also probably worth pointing out, Illustration Eyes C L+S are in the new ep5 scratch that just released, to go along with the above post about the eyes.

Panda Scarf and long t-shirt male/ wool outerwar are a must.